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  1. Untermieter Dispute

    If their rental period has started then you are not allowed into the flat, period. You'd have to ask them if you are allowed to go in and they have every right to refuse. As far as I know.    They might be scumbags, but the law protects scumbags too. 
  2. I think on NYE we'll have a fire in the garden, put on some music and see how long the kids last for, then watch everyone else's fireworks before going in and Zooming with my folks for the UK NYE. 
  3. If someone coughed at me I think I'd be inclined to twist their head off, even pre Corona I've always had a thing about shit like that. Spitting or purposely directing anything that comes out of your body at me (unless I asked you to of course) is a clear declaration of war. 
  4.   And when you think about it in more detail, it's not like one government is just the people currently running any given country, leadership changes, parties change members, heads of departments change, etc, so you would have to have everyone in on it, it seems impossible that just one country could keep its story straight, but 195 doing it? 
  5.   I think sometimes it just helps to say something out loud, or write it publicly, just get it out.    I think mostly I struggle to undsrstsnd the mentality of people who think it's not real. I've always been a militant, non conformist, rebellious, suspicious of authority type, like always.  But in my mind the idea that every government in the world could get their stories straight and work as one to trick us all into thinking there is a deadly virus just seems so simplistic, naive and unimaginative, that I just don't understand why anyone would buy into it.
  6.   I've no idea if *slow clap* is sarcastic or genuine.    Either way, the GIF of James Van Der Beek clapping slowly should always replace *slow clap* where ever it is found on the internet. 
  7.   This is basically my take on it. I don't see why we need to go and visit anyone. I understand that it is nice to see relatives at Christmas, but I also understand that it's nice to know you are not risking catching a deadly virus from your In-laws, who you know play fast and loose with the rules anyway.     My wife should know better than this, at the start she was one of the people who thought that their incredulity was good enough reason to doubt the official line.  The amount of times I heard he say something like "I just don't think this is any worse than the flu" to someone over the phone or even to me was not just disappointing but also concerning.   I have mental health issues, I'm severely depressed right now, nothing to do with Corona really, and it's exhausting to have to try and deal with other people's BS.   a year ago I had to contend with getting angry about people having opinions I didn't agree with but that were ultimately harmless, anger that I could look at and say "nah, being angry about this is needless and inappropriate" and then just moving on from it, but right now I only have to look out of my window to see neighbours talking in little huddles in the street, kids still playing together from various households, when the kindergarten was open you'd see gangs of smoking moms just down the road all having their morning catch ups with no masks (because they are smoking) and now this from my own wife.  The thing is that feeling angry about all of this is an entirely appropriate reaction because it all has real world consequences and is a very real danger to us all. I've gone from avoiding confrontation to being the guy in the supermarket that simply shouts "ABSTAND!" at anyone who tries to push past or gets too close and "NASE!" at people who think they don't need to cover their nose with their mask, accompanied by a jabbed pointing finger.  The ironic thing is that as someone with mental health issues I'm acting exactly like a mad person as a result of my entirely appropriate and sane reaction to people who are putting others in danger.   I honestly cannot wait for this to be over.
  8.   This is what I'm getting annoyed about. Too many people think that they have the right to bend, break or push rule to their absolute limit, often using arguments like "well its ok for me to sit in a doctor's waiting room so it's OK to sit around a table with friends" to justify themselves - to themselves, if that is to justify meeting a shit Ton of people, wear their mask on their chin in Aldi, or run about meeting as many people as possible, one at a time. 
  9. I'm trying my best to interpret the rules of lockdown in the spirit with which they were intended.    Regarding meeting other people, as far as I can tell the rules are that any household can meet one other household (inside or outside, in public or private) with a maximum of 5 adults (in this case over 14).   Myself and my wife have different opinions on what this means.    Her opinion: that we could go and meet her parents, then on the way home we can drop in to see her Brother.    My opinion: that we can only meet one other household, so we should pick the household and meet only them during this period.    For me it makes no sense that you can effectively meet with as many households as you can cram into a day, as long as you do it one household at a time, to her, she thinks it makes no sense that you are allowed to go shopping and be around many people but not see your relatives.    To me it all seems like people are deciding for themselves what the rules mean, which is what got us back into this mess and why we are in lockdown again. 
  10. Gym/Clever Fit wants to collect nonexistent debt

    Then my advice is to warn as you said and then two weeks later hire a lawyer, job done. 
  11. Gym/Clever Fit wants to collect nonexistent debt

    Outrage, etc! I wont waste time agreeing how stupid and annoying this all is - I wanted to concentrate on the payment you made through your bank.   The verwendungszweck you used when you sent the payment was a clear indication of your intentions.  I'm not sure that a company can just take any money you give them and decide themselves what it was for.  As far as I understand the law, you agree to pay for a specific service or product, that price is agreed upon and then the act of making payment and them accepting the payment creates a contract between you and the service/goods provider.  For instance if I offer to give you 100Money for you to polish all the forks in my cutlery drawer, and you would rather polish the knives, you would have to refuse the money and the work, you couldn't simply accept the money and then polish my knives for me, because you are not fulfilling the contract we agreed upon. Does that make sense?   So by them deciding that the money you paid was for something different than the time period indicated by their own Verwendungszweck they are basically polishing your knives, not the forks which was the agreed upon deal. Your forks are f**king flithy!   My Lawyer has advised me again and again to simply not reply to anyone that says they owe you money as your letters and Emails may end up working against you. Though I would hire a lawyer and not try to deal with it yourself because they will then take all of the appropriate actions on your behalf while you sit at home watching The Boys on Amazon or cooking your wife a delicious meal. The chances are that it wont get as far as a court case, they have a sort of "triage" where they check the claims and then check what you are saying and sort of marry it all up, if there is no case then they just say "nope" and it goes away, your lawyer would then claim back his expenses from said bastards.   These people have legal insurance so they just fire this shit out left right and center to see what sticks, they know most people will pay up because of the risk posed of losing more.  They are basically opportunist muggers and deserve nothing but our absolute contempt, I wouldn't piss on these bastards if they were on fire (mostly to avoid having my own piss-steam waft into my face).   I wish you all the best, and I hope that whoever is responsible for causing you this stress has a really shit christmas and gets the coffee gushes from food poisoning around 8pm on New Years Eve.   Peace!
  12.   I always thought he had already died, then I realised I was thinking of Bob Monkhouse, I always got them mixed up as a kid too.
  13. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    I would go to a repair place, a franchise with a workshop for whatever your car is, give them all of the other person's insurance details and let them deal with it all.     If you try to help the other people out I guarantee it will come back and bite you in the arse, especially as they have proven themselves to be chancers by driving off.   Good luck    
  14. Statutes on legal malpractice

    I would assume that there must be a governing body for lawyers here in Germany.   I would start by going to the Bürgerberatungsstelle somewhere in your city or near you, or talking to another, perhaps friendly lawyer.   I'm not saying you will get anywhere, but if you can find out who governs Lawyers and grass him up for being a bit naughty, or at least ask them about this kind of thing, I assume it would be under a code of ethics.   We had a situation when we bought our house, We had a friend lined up to do translation for us (qualified), but the Notar said not to worry and he could do it for us, no problem, we told him that our friend would do it at a good price and his words were "Don't worry about it, I'll do it for you", he them promptly charged us 250 euros.  I think this was probably not a complete breach, as it seems with your situation, it seems like something they can do to have plausible deniability "I just wasn't there when he called", though I don't know what he would say about ignoring Emails...  but it strikes me that you have a group of people who are already notoriously slippery (lawyers) and on top of that you haver the German sense of right and wrong (there is no right and wrong, only what is and is not allowed) and you have an ethical black hole.   The only other thing to do is go to the papers, or maybe your Burgermeister?    I've had more than my fair share of this kind of thing since I've lived here, I've never had anything like it before - it does seem to be a German thing, at least in my lived experience.   Good luck, and may both your lawyer and the other people fall over and a gritty car park and graze the palms of their hands (with some little bits of gravel in there too for good measure).  I find willing misfortune of my foes is somewhat amusing, but fairly useless, however if something bad does happen - it feels really great.   D    
  15. Trades-people in Germany

      This seems objectionable on the surface and I want to instantly find everything wrong with it, but I generally feel that Germans generally drink more responsibly that most other cultures, so I'm also hesitant to call it out, unless it affects work, and in this case I think that their standard is just crap, even without beer.  but still, it's jarring to see.       Thank you so far for suggestions, it's helpful.   D