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  1. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    I wonder how does appointment system for specialists work? Do I always have to take an appointment or I can just walk in a specialist office and wait for checkup?
  2. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    Thank you so much. This is very helpful :)
  3. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    I did go to the trauma surgeon who specializes in hand and foot surgery. How do I check if they take public insured patients or not?   House doctor recommended a sports clinic but the doctor is on holiday now. Not sure what to do now lol
  4. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    Also can you guys tell me how do I search specialist clinics on google? What is the german keyword for this?
  5. Is this How Health Treatment Works in Germany?

    So I just went to house doctor and she was also baffled what am I doing there. According to her, she can not write MRI and only a specialist doctor can write MRI for KNEE.   Now they have given me a case # and have asked me to make appointment to a new specialist. My knee will probably become okay itself until I get the MRI.   Really bad first experience.   Should I talk with my health insurance company or they are also helpless?
  6. I hope you all are doing great. I recently moved to Germany and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or this is how treatment works under statutory health insurance? I'm insured by AOK Plus in Chemnitz.   I fell down and had a knee injury few days ago. I decided not to go to emergency as it was not urgent and thought I will go to the house doctor first. She recommended me to a trauma surgeon. When I went to that trauma surgeon, the receptionist asked me to go to another trauma surgeon which was on the other side of city.   I went to the trauma surgeon and finally met the doctor. He recommended to have an MRI. Now I have to go to my House doctor tomorrow again to get a MRI receipt so I can actually get MRI. So I have visited clinics 4 times before getting an MRI.   Is this normal? If not where did I go wrong? Should I have directly gone to specialist doctor (to save visits to house doctor)? I also don't understand why I have to go back to House doctor to get an MRI receipt? Why can't the specialist give me MRI paper?   
  7. Meetup in Chemnitz?

    I recently moved to Chemnitz and would love to hang out and create a new circle of friends. I'm a digital marketer interested in technology and good food   Anyone from Chemnitz?