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  1. @Space Cowboy, are you referring to my post about something very illegal happening? I have provided all the information there so don't know what's missing from your point of view. Looks like my being completely transparent with all information upfront has only raised questions. The consulting contract is legal as it is a very well known international organisation, the payments were invoiced and received legally, my ALG I entitlement comes because I worked in Germany for 5 years prior to 2019, so that's legal and I left Germany because I couldn't find a job and given the pandemic and the lockdowns I preferred being at home with family than being stuck alone in another country during COVID times. So what's illegal here?   @Narjiz NLE on a Blue Card allows upto one year of absence and you can appeal for an extension if you need to extend your absence for more than a year provided there is a good reason to appeal. It was approved for me and I was provided with the certificate.   
  2. Dear TTers, can someone please help here? Thanks.
  3. Dear Members, I would like your help on a tax related topic. My visa is a Niederlassungserlaubnis. For all of 2019, I didn't reside in Germany.  I was supposed to move to Germany for a job in March 2020 but due to the pandemic I couldn't. From Apr. 1 - Jun. 25, 2020 I was on a consulting contract with the German foundation, not residing in Germany but the money was received in my German bank account which was about 15000 euros for 3 months. Unfortunately the foundation had to cancel all new hire contracts due to budget cuts but by then I was already on my way to Germany. My residence in Germany was registered from June 26, 2020 and I started receiving ALG I from June 26, 2020 - Nov. 30, 2020. Since I couldn't find a job I moved back home and de-registered again on Nov. 30, 2020. Given this situation: 1. Am I liable to file returns and pay taxes for 2020 in Germany although I was there only for 5 months?  2. Is my consulting income received before moving to Germany taxed in Germany? I am considered a tax resident in my home country for 2020 and will have to pay taxes on the consulting income I received for 3 months. 3. If I am liable to pay taxes, are there any expenses I can recover for moving to Germany and leaving Germany?   As always appreciate all the help and information available here, thanks to the contribution of many members. Please let me know. Thank you!
  4. Thank you all for the information! For now I just need a German account where I can park some of the money, have a German IBAN to receive and be able to use to pay for something if needed. This is until I move back and figure out the options. Will check TransferWise Borderless Account , DKB and N26. Best wishes to you, hope that doesn't happen. It was a setback as I was out of the country for 2 years and moved back for the job and to settle down permanently but the pandemic happened! Thanks for headsup on NLE  I am aware of the NLE terms and in my case since I had a Blue card upto one year of absence is allowed. And if lucky, they agree for another year extension. Have done that already! :)
  5. Dear TT Users, I want to start by thanking you for this super helpful forum. Apologies, if this question has been already addressed in the  forum as whatever I found was old information. I am a US citizen and have a Niederlassungsurlaubnis and just 2 weeks ago moved out of Germany. I don't know when I will move back as I recently lost my job and have a few things to take care of on the personal front. I have had a Deutsche Bank account for a decade and no issues. Yesterday, I received a letter from DB asking me to confirm if I am still working for a partner company or else I will be charged 6.90 euros a month. I wish I had known this earlier as I could have opened an account in another bank while I was there. Any suggestions where I could now open a free bank account remotely as a US citizen, non-resident although with a valid NLE? Thanks much in advance!