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  1. Freelancing- Should I or na

      Hey! I am only doing the job for some experience and it is just for a short time. I won't stay in the company for long. That being said, i just felt for a such a low income and would it be so necessary to apply for freelancing or can i just put it as a additional income when we(my husband and I) do our tax return
  2. Hi there!!  Hope you all are doing well in this hard time.  I am in a bit of confused state at the moment. I would really appreciate if anyone can alleviate me from this confusion.  I have been offered work which is 16 hours a week and I will be paid 400 for the month.  But the company has told me that I would have to issue an invoice.  I have not applied for a freelancer ID yet and at the moment, my husband and I do the taxes together and I am also insured with him as family.  I was wondering if I should be applying for freelancer ID for such small project. (Or could I still do the project and put the amount as an additional income when we do our taxes?) I plan to apply for freelancer in future as I have plans for it but right now I only have one project not more.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  I thank you so so much!!!! 😊😊