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  1. Not sure what you are trying to imply. The question here is if I should provide the information or leave it blank. The field is optional.
  2. Now, I have received the letter from the police (still waiting for the letter from Kaufland). I am asked to provide information as shown in the below image: https://ibb.co/zbCC9CG   My answers/comment about the same:   Employed: (I am not employed after I moved to Germany) At the time of crime: No. Currently: No   Regular occupation: (I was software developer in India. I guess, that is not relevant here.) At the time of crime: No. Currently: No   Position in the job: Not Applicable / Blank   Employer: Not Applicable / Blank   Economic conditions: (This is optional field. I can mention my husband’s income here. However, I am not sure if I should. He earns around ~100K EURO per year which I guess is above average salary. I am not sure if this will have negative impact and attract higher fine or positive impact as perceived as possible mistake since no major financial motivation. Please advise.)   The offense of which I am accused: (There are two options. First is ‘I admit’. I don’t know what the second option is. Google translate says ‘I insist’ which doesn’t make sense. Is it ‘I deny’? I want to admit the mistake but not the crime of shoplifting. I also do not want to deny and end up in more proceedings, court hearing etc. Please advise which option I should select. What if I keep it blank?)   Information on the matter (use supplementary sheet if necessary): (I need to answer this in German. I plan to use Google translate and write down the details pretty much as mentioned in my first post. Please advise what I should mention. Any help in forming the reply in German. I am ready to pay the fine and get over with it. Should I suggest this in my reply?)
  3. I guess no heating at all, or there are individual heaters (like small electric heaters) for each room.
  4. Giving an update here, just in case some poor soul is in similar situation: A single heating instrument used for heating all rooms in the house still comes under 'collective heating' even though it is used only for one house (i.e. it is not central heating for the entire building). So there was no additional rent reduction.
  5. It's probably too late to reply but in case someone else needs it: I just called the Kita and told them the situation, and they said it is not a problem.
  6. Thanks @robinson100 and @yourkeau. Would this leave any mark on my visa/blue-card/passport?
  7. Hi,   I have been shopping in Kaufland since Jul 2020 and each visit bill is in the range of 60 to 80 EURO.   The shop is 1.5 KM away from my house and I don't have a car or bicycle. So I walk, taking my kid's stroller (empty) and fill it in with items in the shop and bring it back home, filled.   This time, as usual I shopped for around 60 EURO with lots of items in the stroller. On the cash counter, I missed some items (4 items: baby cream and some beauty items) in the upper, smaller section in the cart and my cart passed through the counter without paying for them. After all the billing and card transaction when I started walking from the cash counter, Kaufland security came to me and informed that I have not paid for all the items. I immediately released the mistake and offered to pay for the missed items. But he asked me to come to his office. I told him that I missed these items, and I am ready to pay, but he did not listen. Also, it was difficult to communicate since I do not know enough German to converse. He called the police. I also told the same thing to the police. The lady police was sympathetic towards me, but she said she cannot to anything, it is up to the Kaufland security. The police asked me for my address and told that you will get a letter from Kaufland and from the police.   I had no intention to steal anything. It was an honest mistake. However, I can understand why Kaufland security does not believe me.   I do not exactly understand what happened there. My guess is Kaufland security has filed a police complaint against me and I will get letters regarding the same. Now I am waiting for the letter all worried. I am in Germany since a year. I am not sure what is expected from me. What is the worst case I should be prepared for? Any implication of my visa, passport? I guess I will have to reply to police or visit the police station. How should I prepare, and what should I reply? All my Kaufland transactions are online. I can show them bank transactions from the past to prove that I am a regular customer. (Not sure if this matters: I had taken my husbands debit card with me and that is what I used for the payment. Can I show past bank transactions to prove that I am a regular customer? Or I will be charged for misuse of card!!! Or am I over thinking about it?)   Thanks for reading this. Any inputs are welcome.
  8. Hi,   My landlord (Hausverwaltung / Property Management company) has sent me a letter asking to pay temporary reduced rent. In the calculation they have mentioned Sammelheizung (collective heating) as Yes.   I played around with the following rent calculation form: https://mietendeckel.berlin.de/en/mietendeckelrechner   I noticed that Sammelheizung Yes or No makes a huge difference in the rent calculation. Hence, I wanted to understand if my situation comes under Yes or No. My heating situation is as follows:   I have a separate gas meter inside my house. After moving into the apartment I applied for the gas connection and paying the monthly bill for the same. Whenever house heater or hot water is started, the meter is running. I am mentioning this because I never got a clear answer from the landlord (Hausverwaltung / Property Management company) about heating situation (Hausverwaltung is pretty clueless and unresponsive).   More information about Sammelheizung as per Google Translation of this page: https://www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/wohnen/mietspiegel/de/gliederung.shtml Under a collective heating all types of heating are to be understood, where the heat and power from a central location from happening. A floor heating or apartment heating (gas, oil, electric heating) that heats all living spaces adequately is equivalent to collective heating.   My case seems to be individual heating and not collective heating. I wanted to confirm my understanding before I write to the property management company. Can someone provide insight on this?   Thanks.  
  9. Hi,   I filled the form for the Kita Voucher at the end of July 2020. Since the application has to be submitted at least 2 months before, I mentioned the start date for the voucher as 01 Sept 2020. Now in the first week of Jul 2020, I have an offer from a Kita, and they are looking for summer admission (I guess by Aug 2020).   Can the start date mentioned in the form become a blocker in signing the contract with the Kita? How do I resolve this? What can be done to speed this up? Youth center does not allow walking anymore and needs an appointment to go there.   Any suggestions would be helpful.   (I am new in Germany and still figuring things out. So language is a big challenge for now.)   Thanks!