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  1. I’m curious if anyone has experience with autism and education in Germany. In particular I am looking for POSITIVE experiences and areas of Germany where people have had positive experiences.    My son is going in to first grade now but he would be going into second grade by the time we move. It’s super important to know my son does not receive any academic support in school. He is very intelligent and is at the same level or beyond his peers in each of the core subjects.    He is learning German so this isn't really a concern. He'll likely need some time to become fluent but I have no concerns about him learning the language. He is mostly in the listening phase of learning but he has been starting to describe familiar objects with short sentences.   He does currently receive about 10 minutes per day to work on social skills that consists of him playing games and talking to another kid. This could be supplemented outside of school so we don’t require this in a German school.    He speaks VERY well with a large vocabulary and will gladly have detailed, lengthy conversations with you. This is great but also means he will attempt to persuade you out of things he does not like to do with solid reasoning. In school this mostly shows up in tasks he has already mastered and no longer wants to practice or in entirely unfamiliar tasks. He needs a teacher who doesn’t bend the rules for him. Of course, that takes a lot of patience but that is really important for him.    His biggest struggles are in the fact that he is a RULE FOLLOWER. He will hear your instructions, rules, or outline/schedule and expect that to be how things go. In this way school has been great for him because the day flows in a particular order. Lessons happen in a predictable way. The problem is more when something unexpected happens/major change in routine. This can be prevented by saying “today we have an assembly instead of our reading lesson" or whatever change it is. So he knows ahead of time. I mention this because it's a simple things that can help him in the day that doesn't technically fall under "extra support" but is something that is helpful.   The MOST important thing he needs in school is a teacher that cares about him and is strict in the sense that they won’t bend the rules (of school work and things like that) for him.   So, with this knowledge, are there areas of Germany that are maybe more suited to accepting him in schools?   Will school be a non-issue because he does not require academic support? Or will we encounter problems trying to enroll him in school?   Does the diagnosis alone cause a problem where we then need to prove his abilities?    Private schools and international schools are not an option.   I did have some recommendations to look at areas with better inclusion rates so that should the need arise for extra support this can happen within the regular school. This way we can apply for inclusion, even if that just means they help him with giving him a schedule so he knows what to expect and can tell him about any upcoming changes in routine for the week. In Google searches I found that Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein might be areas to consider? What do you think?   Thanks for any info you can provide on your experience or any advice!