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  1. Awesome, Thanks for the info everyone. I guess we will hang tight for now, wait and see what happens with my girlfriends visa situation first. Then the mieterverein can give us advice if we decide to stay.   Cheers,  
  2. Hi Everyone!   Although I’ve spent a while reading through information and other questions posted here, my situation is a little different. It seems things get a little confusing with 2 laws around this subject currently running at the same time. I think I will speak with a tenants association or the service, but thought I should get some opinions and clarification here first. So whats your opinion?   About 11 months ago my partner and I moved into our apartment. The price was high, but after looking for nearly 3 months, we just needed an anmeldung ASAP for her Visa appointment. I’ve only just realised now after researching the new rent cap laws, how much we “should” actually be paying.   As a freelancer, my proof of income from previous countries was ignored. So we payed 12 months of rent up-front to secure the apartment. Now that those 12 months are finished I’m about to start paying rent monthly, which is what prompted my researching! Corona has hit both our industries extremely hard, so obviously we don’t want to keep paying 3x the recommended rent, as we’re basically burning the last of our savings.   So firstly I had a question around the service at They take a payment of 5x the monthly rent reduction that they negotiate. Is the new rent price then applied retroactively and refunded? It would seem not, but now there are 2 laws at play, it gets confusing… (I have emailed them, awaiting a reply)   We are waiting for the outcome of my partners visa renewal. If we can stay, then this will likely be a good option. Regardless of retroactive or not. But if we have to leave Germany and it’s not retroactive, then we would end up owing more money than we would save.   Other things you guys may have thoughts on:   - Just telling the landlord (big corporation) the rent we want to pay, going forward.   - As far as I’ve read, the new laws (Mietendeckel) don't pertain to our situation until after November? But I believe it would then be retroactively applied back to Feb of this year? Any clarification on this?   - Would it be worth joining a tenants association (I’m all for it, but have read really mixed reviews), any particular recommendations? I guess the idea would be to see how to tackle getting a refund on the over-payments so far.   - Or… Suck it up, keep paying, but find a new flat ASAP if we end up staying?   Thanks, I appreciate any advice or input. Sorry for the long rant… I’m just cranky now that I realise how much we’ve been ripped off, just as we’re struggling to make ends meet after corona.