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  1.  Because I work in the nigh and when I finish the person responsiblenfor the tests is not there just yet, I need to get tested in my free time. 
  2. yes. 2nd vaccine done 2 weeks ago, first done feb 1
  3.   90% of all staff and patients have been vaccinated. Only 3 patients, all young and quite fit, have refused the vaccine. So why the fear? Why don;t we use the money to p[ay for all these tests to help out the struggling businesses? 
  4.   The ruling was passed in Tuesday and it went into effect today. 
  5.   This goes a bit beyond just wearing whatever one wants or not. Say there is a reason that a certain type of uniform is chosen (it is too cod outside, so a thick uniform is chosen), and then the judge rules this unconstitutional, saying that the original reason (cold) does not apply anymore. The ruling goes to say that now everyone can wear whatever uniform he or she wants. One can still wear the thick uniform, but it should no longer be made mandatory. I do see a logic in the ruling.    However, my request was the following: I want to make a formal complain against my employer. Is there any way I can do that without having to hire a lawyer and suing them? 
  6. Dear all,    recently the Verwaltungshof (I assume supreme court for Bavaria) has ruled that it is unconstitutional for Atenheime (elderly homes) and similar to make mandatory covid tests (3 tiems for week) for their employees. You can read more about this case online or by clicking on the link below, but basically the logic behind this decision was that if most residents (Bewohner) that are cared for in such facilities have been vaccinated, there is no longer such a high risk of all of them contacting the virus, so the workers working there should not be required by law to get tested 3 times per week (which, until now, has been the law). Fair enough.,SQVV1hF   I work in a similar facility that cares for people with special needs which falls under the label of "Pflegeheime". This facility has decided not to follow this ruling, and continues to require its workers to get tested, despite similar conditions (almost all of the patients living there having had the second vaccine already, as well as many workers as well). I work during the night, so in order for me to take the test, I need to go to my faimily doctor, which is time consuming and unnecessary. I agree with the ruling.    If there a way that i can file a complaint about this without having to hire a lawyer and sue this business?    Regards,    Anita
  7. Hello, I am looking for the name of the form that I would need if I would like my friend to become the legal guardian of my child in the event of something happening to me.  Say that I get arrested or get into a car accident, and that I am a single mother, and say that I would like to friend to take care of my child and not Jungendamt. I was told I would need to sign a form that would give legal rights to my friend, however I forgot the name of this form.  Can anyone hep me with this? Regards,  Anita