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  1. Hello, I am looking for the name of the form that I would need if I would like my friend to become the legal guardian of my child in the event of something happening to me.  Say that I get arrested or get into a car accident, and that I am a single mother, and say that I would like to friend to take care of my child and not Jungendamt. I was told I would need to sign a form that would give legal rights to my friend, however I forgot the name of this form.  Can anyone hep me with this? Regards,  Anita
  2. Hi, my hubby is self-employed (selbtständig), he installs hardwood floors, and he did not receive payment for one project he did for one company (for which he was a sub-contractor). What are his orptions in terms of getting the money? He does have a contract that was signed between him and the company, and he did complete the project according to the requirements.  He has litigation insurancem but from what I know, they do not want to cover the cost of suing the company. I am not sure why,although I will inquire. Can he take the company which refuses to pay him to court and represent himself? Regards,  Anita
  3. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

    Thank you all for the replies. Some were more helpful than others, but I appreciate most who took the time to write.  In the end I asked my employer to terminate my contract earlier, withiout the two weeks notice. Because I had been working there for just 1,5 months, I figured that I do not need a letter of reference, and that I would be easily replaced. My employer agreed to my request, and in the end all was well. I did feel bad about it. Even though working there was a bad experience (I had a few issues with my boss), I really did not want to make life difficult for anyone. However, I think I was better off leaving sooner than later.   
  4. Dear all, 1,5 months ago I became gainfully employed in a position that seemed promising. However, it soom became apparent to me and my boss that we did not share the right chemistry. In the meanwhile I applied to other jobs, and I recently found another job close to my home, which I think would be a better match. However, they want me to start next week, as in right away. I said I would. Now I am reading my current contract, and regarding quitting, it states: "Die ersten sechs Beschäftigungsmonate gelten als Probezeit, in der das Arbeitsverhältnis mit einer Frist von zwei Wochen gekündigt werden kann.". I was under the impression that during Probezeit, one can be fired on the spot, and that one can also quit right away as well.  How can I process here (please, ony constructive criticism)? Should I postpone my new job or should I try to quit on the spot from my current job and hope they will let me go? Even if I would need to qait 2 more weeks, I don't think they will want me around, as if would be too awkward.  I am concerned that I will lose my new job if I do not start as I said I would. Regards,  Anita