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  1. Hello everybody,   I have some questions about Anlage EÜR in ELSTER.   1) How to write Bezeichnung in the form? If I have 25 invoices, should I write 25 times of my every invoice's details? Or just write my total yearly income? (But what I need to write in Bezeichnung if I write my total income?)   2) I'm a graphic designer, and rent software every month, where could I enter this for my business expense?  ex: I paid Octane Render every month 19.99 euro   3) For the business meal in the restaurant with my client, where should I write this? If there's no my Tax number, could I still use it?  How to tell the information of the business meal to Finanzmt in ELSTER?   Thank you!!
  2. Renewal freelance visa - invoice and freelance contract questions

    @Fritsen Thank you very much! It's quite clear for me now :D
  3. Renewal freelance visa - invoice and freelance contract questions

    @Fritsen Ok, thank you! Could I ask you what is this €432? Would it affect if my income is less than (warm rent + health insurance + €432)?    @sumguy Hihi, thank you so much for the answer and information! I have one thing would like to know, Tax assessments is the letter I got from Finanzamt? (ex: Bescheid für 2019 über Einkommensteuer und Solidaritätszuschlag) thank you!
  4. Renewal freelance visa - invoice and freelance contract questions

    @Fritsen I got it, it helps me a lot. About the expenses, they also check through the bank statement? Or I need to print all of my receipt of the expenses? Thank you very much again!
  5. Renewal freelance visa - invoice and freelance contract questions

    @Fritsen Hello thank you very much. I have one more question about corresponding bank statements, did you show them each month separately or just the current month(total amount)? If some part of my expenses and incomes are in the different bank accounts, do you have any suggestion in this situation?     
  6. Hello everybody, I've heard some people said that renewal freelance visa, you need to bring invoices and freelance contracts with you. Most of my clients are individuals, so far, I only have the invoice with them. (I thought I don't need the contract because they are not business)    My questions are: 1) Does it affect my freelance visa extension if I only have invoices with my clients? 1) Should I start to ask my future client (private customer) to sign a contract with me or only with invoices is ok for my freelance visa extension? 2) Does the contract need to write from them?    If anyone has this experience, I'm glad to hear that. Thank you!
  7. Freelance contract with private client question

    @AlexTr Perfect! Thank you very much!!
  8. Freelance contract with private client question

    Hi,   I have a question about "freelance contract." If my client is not a business (private customer), can I still make a contract with them? Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I'm a freelance graphic designer, and am working in Germany. I am providing clients with digital files. For my understanding, I registered as a Kleinunternehmer, I have to write the sentence „Umsatzsteuerfrei aufgrund der Kleinunternehmerregelung gem. § 19 UStG.“ into all my invoice as an explanation why I'm not charging VAT.    My question is how to correctly write the invoice in these situations - If I don't opt to register for VAT-ID, as my income is still below the 17,500 Euro, is there any way to bill EU client (individual person) which don't have VAT-ID? - What if the situation which is a client from non-EU (business or individual person)?  Thank you for your help!