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  1. Hello everybody! Hope you're having a lovely evening! I'm a freelancer based in Berlin. I'm preparing my 2021 tax return and have questions about filling in the Anlage EÜR form in Elster. 1) Bezeichnung In Umsatzsteuerlicher Kleinunternehmer Betriebseinnahmen als umsatzsteuerlicher Kleinunternehmer (nach § 19 Absatz 1 UStG) (line 11) What am I supposed to describe in Bezeichnung? Should I enter my invoice number line by line or just enter my yearly operating income (total) here?   2) Software license If I've been renting software licenses (more than two) every month,  a. Which form should I fill in the 4-2. Betriebsausgaben? b. How detailed do I need to be when entering info in Elster here? As the question 1, should I typed the total yearly license fee or should I separate each one?   3) Internet I would like to know how much % I can use for declaring tax here?   I'd love to hear a response from anyone. Thank you very much!!