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  1. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

        I know just what you mean.  I can appreciate the others' attempts to explain or rationalize it, but it still doesn't make sense and isn't right.  You said your money would be gone immediately and I believe that and it's not right. No matter how it is explained away--it is predatory. What's more, it's not limited to situations where your credit runs out and then you are there without an active subscription for any matter of minutes or days.  I actually started to suspect something like this was happening--that my cellular data was somehow eating the money, even though I had cellular data turned off or was in my home where my phone was connected to my own wi-fi.  So I made extra sure to top up my account before it actually ran out.  I did this for probably 6-7 months.  Every time I got the sms that my credit was about to run out, I loaded up €15 or €5.  In the months that I loaded €15--BEFORE the credit ran out--I was able to use the plan.  But the next month when I would load up €5--BEFORE the plan ran out--the money was always gone and I got a message that there weren't enough funds to activate my phone.  Sometimes I would check my balance on the app right after I loaded up the €15.  After taking the €9.99, there should be at least €5 left.  But every time I checked, there would be a strange amount like €1,22.  How does that make sense?  What am I paying for in such strange amounts, WHILE my plan has been paid for on time and I wasn't roaming or having cellular data on or even using the internet a single time.   It is theft, you are right.  All these other circumstances are well and good but the point is that no matter what you do to try to get around being robbed by them, they do it anyway and don't explain what it is for.  If you're a prepaid customer the service is basically zero so good luck trying to get a reasonable answer from them about it.     You're not wrong.  They are crooks.
  2. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    Hi Andrew, yes, this happened to me too, albeit it with a different pre-paid provider. I read a bunch of reviews from other people that had the same experience.  Loaded up so-and-so much per month and the remaining amount suddenly started going missing.  Personally, I had used them for a number of years before I started noticing this.  Used to be that when I would load up €5, it would pair up with the leftover €5 from the €15 I loaded up the month before.  It was a little fishy for a while and I thought it was my own error, somehow.  Then I started trying to load up amounts that would allow me to not have to do it every month and kept founding that I always came up short the next month.  So, I decided to only load up exactly as much as I need.  Luckily for me, I use the small plan which only costs €9.99 but of course the website only allows you to load up in amounts of €5 or €15--I think they do this purposely so they can steal your money!  But, I decided to just start loading up five and then another five, even if it meant going through two transactions.  I'd rather do that then get robbed by them any longer! The reviews I've read from people complaining about this go back for years.  If there is anything one can do about it, no one seems to have shared it anywhere publicly that I can see.