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  1. Things to ponder

    @Chelski: it's something to do with slavery in the US.
  2. Subletting and statistics

      Nothing is wrong with it when it's done ethically and responsibly (person rents out room in their private home to generate additional income, declares said income to the tax authority).  But AirBnB is not a home and it's not a sublet.   @valwawe subletting is usually legal in Germany overall.  Often a requirement is that the main landlord/property management must approve of the person who takes a sublet (meaning you might/should at least meet someone involved in managing the property, who does not share a living space with you). also, it is common that the main tenant may not derive a disproportionate profit from this. Many times you are only allowed to sublet at the rate listed on your rental agreement.  So you can go on holiday and have your rent paid.  Proper flatsharing is a whole other kettle of fish and many times you simply share with another person who maybe did or maybe didn't inform their landlord that they're renting out a room. In those cases it's advisable to ask to have a look at their rental contract to make sure you are not being taken for a ride. Anyway, a proper sublet where no one else lives there is probably the least complicated and the most above-board.   I'm not based near Frankfurt but I guess and maybe can help
  3. Who will run for US President in 2024

      Two of those have never happened though?  1. that an American president who served as President then lost reelection ran again, has that happened yet?  If not, it seems unlikely that Trump will be the first. 2. that the Vice-President of an incumbent runs against the currently governing President?    If he manages to hold on that long, it will be Biden vs whatever patsy the Republicans can drum up.  Possibly his VP will take over for him before the end of his first term, and then run on her own in '24. But, she will not run against him, it's obvious or?   Even the idea of any of Trump's offspring running for President seems pretty far-fetched.  The Trumps are not a political dynasty like the Bushes.  They do not have a CIA Vice-President dad who keeps making his sons be governors and presidents of stuff.  Trump is a lucky but unskilled businessman who put his kids and in-laws in positions they weren't qualified for and lost a lot of respect for it even among his own ranks.  If he hadn't shown such bad judgment in putting his daughter and her husband in key roles in his government, he might have won a second term.   Biden will run unless he is not fit--normal, or?--in which case Harris will run, and who knows what the conservatives will dig up to run against him or her.  It is probably better for continuation of foreign policy not to have two one-term Presidencies after each other.  I don't think the Party in the White House will change in '24. The Democrats have also not had a one-term President in over 40 years.