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  1. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Thanks a lot. My initial thought was that there would not be any useful/ skilled jobs that would employ only English speaking. My husband would make enough whilst we are overseas, but I was hoping there’d be an option to do my part and contribute, etc. 
  2. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Thanks Leon. By the time we are looking at actually making the move, my husband will be over 30 and will probably apply/ be eligible for the skilled visa (I would just be the secondary applicant). The nature of his work requires us to move around and chase the hail, it’s just an added benefit that we can sight see as we do it. I suppose it is going to be me that has the issue finding work, I think hospitality may be my only option.  We would just like to base ourselves primarily in one place that would be easy to get around and fit in stress free at the start. 
  3. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Thanks Leon, we do but I think it goes further back than our grandparents, I think great grandparents. I will have to do some digging into our ancestry 😂
  4. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    12 months is the starting point for us. We would probably end up staying longer, just that we have to sort out a long term rental for our house in order to pay the mortgage. My husband would find it easy to get the work so he would probably apply for a skilled visa and I would be the spouse on that visa. This would all be well and truly post corona 
  5. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Thanks for the lesson. It’s hard to keep track of what the phone corrects words to and my grammar when writing a long message like this. But thanks for adding no value to this post
  6. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Thank you John for your advice. I thought it may be obvious that I wasn’t going to go anywhere during the current pandemic. I probably should have made it more clear that this would be happening in a few years as it takes time to sort out visas, accommodation, jobs and so on. You seem to get that. 
  7. Me and my husband are looking at moving to Europe to fulfil a life long dream of working abroad and travelling through Europe. We are hoping to at least live abroad for 12 months, moving from country to country. My husband is 29 and I am 27, both native Australians (English speaking). I’ve heard that Amsterdam and Germany Are a good base and make the transition of moving overseas less stressful as they speak English country wide but not sure what regions would be best or how accepting locals are of foreigners. I’m not sure how strict they are on visas,etc. My husband is a qualified auto body repair tradesman and would be securing a job with the hail sheds, doing dent removal. For me, I’ve found it difficult to see what job opportunities there are besides hospitality, although this may be my best option since we plan to move around a lot. I have an admin background, currently a Human Resources coordinator. Looking for some advice. It is information overload on the internet!
  8. New to this forum thing, how do I add a post to the discussion forum? I can’t find anything on here for assistance?