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  1. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    Yes of course I will not mention I had another question, If I quit my job and be dependent, will maternity benefits change if I am dependent and not working. Currently, I hold a Blue card. Will I lose my benefits? If yes, what exactly?
  2. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    Thank you all for the response. The thing is I am planning not to return to work after delivery. I will just take another role for now.
  3. job contract terminated before pregnancy

    Hi, thanks for your responses.  I have been working since November 2019 so it's around 1 yr, 4 months. I could negotiate for another role but just that I do not have the motivation to take another role. However considering I am pregnant, I am thinking to just move another role and next month inform my employer about my pregnancy. Also, Is there any possibility that I go on leave earlier than maternity leave? I do have 20 vacation leave left which I would utilize, but apart from that is there any other way of going on leave earlier?
  4. Hello,   I am currently 2 months pregnant and wanted to inform my direct manager after 3 months. But now due to redundancy, my position is no more needed. I have been working for more than a year. My employer has given me 2 options - 1. to move to another role(which I am not interested in) 2. to leave with some financial support like paying some money as a one-time payment.    I am confused about what to do, looking for suggestions.   Should I announce my pregnancy and just take another role? Should I ask for 1 year worth of compensation for terminating me as I have an unlimited contract? Will my insurance change/maternity benefits, if I quit and be dependent on my spouse?   I am not sure of German laws about this condition. Any suggestion would help me taking a better decision.   Thank you!