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  1. Working conditions

    Update:   I have applied for other jobs and so far no one has called me back even for helfer of mcdonalds position.   I see a big hesitation from working agencies when I show them that I'm on one year tied Aufenthaltstitel.
  2. Working conditions

    Update.   An advisor from asked me to provide the payslip and taking it from there, while I decided is better to look for another job.   An adviser is creating my cv in German and will be looking for a job for me as I dot have time wirking from 4 in the morning till 10 in the evening. Lets see how it goes.  
  3. Working conditions

    In fact I speak very little german.  Lets see how it goes?   Cheers
  4. Working conditions

    The employer is a very bad person and he manipulates our working hours. 
  5. Working conditions

    Hello!   I'm one 1 year residence permit until end of March 2021 which is tied to the company that has offered me the job in conctruction.   My current job is very suffering and the pay is half of the what is stated in the concract.   Please can you help me with any idea to how can I solve my case?   Many thanks