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  1. No.   There might be two other problems though:   1. During probation Ausländerbehörde will refuse your application. In Germany it is usually 6 months, so John should wait until then.   2. The data about John's pension payments usually updates only once a year. So if John requested this information, he would get the data till 31.12.2019.    In the attachment a part of my data. You can see that I changed the job but with no gap. 
  2. Lufthansa Strike

      As a passenger I do support your last sentence, but I disagree that Germany should give aid to non-German companies. These companies should ask for help their countries.  Why would not Italy give money to Lufthansa? Oh, it is in a huge debt and it helps AlItalia, but nobody wanna block this help with the hands of  the EU bureaucrats. Looks like hypocrisy and double standards to me.
  3. Do the free A1 course here  It will not take a lot of time and it is just short videos with some exercises afterwards.    Or do the placement test first, maybe your German is already at A1. 
  4. Self servicing my motorbike

    Just google "hobbywerkstatt". There are plenty of them in Munich. They charge for the lift, though you don't need it for a motorbike so they might charge you smaller fee. Also they have a lot of tools and containers for old oil and other stuff. 
  5. Buying property in Germany

    With the rental prices in Munich I will buy something as soon as I have a chance. Renting is a waste of money, imho. 
  6. Car affordability - best brands, age

    I would recommend Toyota Corolla e12 with petrol engines. The car is not engineering advanced like the same age European cars but it is very reliable and mainly requires only maintenance. In addition, it has a timing chain which don't have to be changed regularly like a timing belt.   If you can find it with fresh TÜV or 1 year left, it is also a good sign. If it has some scratches (not to the metal) and / or small dents, it reduces the price without the lack of the technical quality. Don't trust the mileage but look at the tear of the driver seat, buttons, safety belt, armrest etc.    I personally have e12 wagon and am quite satisfied with it.    You can look at other vehicles with the similar specs: petrol, timing chain, simple suspension (MacPherson front, torsion beam back)    The cost of renting a car might be cheaper, but not everything measures in money. I don't like rental equipment and prefer to have all things I use regularly.