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  1. Refund on flights?

    Or you can contact your bank to initiate the chargeback procedure. It will take some time but might help at the end of the day.   My story short: In February bought flights Munich-Russia-Munich on Aeroflot website. In March Russia closed the borders and Aeroflot posted news that people can receive money back or get certificates / vouchers. Then there was a long waiting time. I gave up and wrote to my bank. Filled out the form, got the preliminary refund. After a while Aeroflot disputed it, I got charged again and wrote a claim on their claim At the end of September got the message form the bank that I got final approval and money would be back soon. In a couple of days got it.    These f#ckers got huge amount of money from the Russian government and they are still trying to rob passengers. Never will use Aerofraud anymore.
  2. question about tire wheel sizes

    You can use any sizes that are stated in the car manual.    
  3. Why are you happy today?

    Got my permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) today    Munich. Applied in May, in June got a letter with the PIN.  Regularly checked --> "The card is not ready for pick up". Last week wrote an email to Ausländerbehörde.  Next day --> "Unknown document".  "Coincidence? I think not" (c)  Today the card was delivered to my door     Now I am a bit more "white" person.
  4. Police brutality in the USA   I'm quite surprised that the policemen did not beat him after the first minute of his circus of crying and resisting. And there was absolutely nothing racist, imo.
  5. What is a „ Karen ?“