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  1. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

      Thanks for the suggestion @TurMech. This is relatively new. So in any case, i just need to inform my local ABH and proceed. That would be the best case? Also, the visiting parts was a bit ambiguous, I just need to visit, stay for a couple of days and then leave right. It doesn't need me to stay for a specific period?   Thanks for the positive info and have a great day.
  2. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

    Servus everyone,   I know this topic has been discussed more than a few times but my concers are a bit different and thought it's better to ask here for someone who has had a similar situation. I am a non-EU citizen living here in Germany since past 6 years currently with a Daueraufenthaltstitel-EU. I am planning to do a course in the US and might be away for atleast 1-1.5 years. It's like a complete Gray area with DA-EU in comparision to Niederlassungs as there's lot of info on the Forum. In some cases I was told that I need to take permission from local ABH to be away but in some cases it was opined that ABH doesn't concern DA-EU holders. I will be retaining my residence and plan to change to a private health insurance for this period and have plans to drop-in for a week every 6-8 months. Would it be enough or am I legally entitled to inform the ABH and take special permission.    Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Regards