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  1. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    Right now, I am a bit confused about this. There is no mention of any date backing for more than one year on my license. So, technically some companies have a rule that I have min 1year driving experience or can it be interpreted as min 1 year possession of my current license. Even when i call the customer care guys, they don't have a concrete answer. They are sking me to check up with the station.
  2. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    Did you have the details from your UK license written on your German license. Or did you present you UK license while renting the car?
  3. Car rentals in Ingolstadt

    I have lookep up my license. Under column 10, ther's just some dots indicating the type of vehicles I am allowed to drive. And under the cloumn gultig ab I have the date on which I got my German driving license. There is no mention about any data from my previous(Indian license)
  4. Hallo Deutschland,   I have been feeling this urge to visit a friend since being isolated for the last 3 months. In this times, I feel it is better to rent a car instead of travelling with DB. I tried to check for car rentals via check24. Firstly, I had my Driving license(Foreign country issued in 2014) exchanged for a German one in November 2019. But, most of these rental services are saying that I must have my license for atleast one year. So, as I am having my current license only since  6 months, am I not eligible to rent a car? Or can I say that I had exchanged my old license and show that I have previous driving experience? Anyone with similar experiences could kindly help me reach peace.