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  1. Is "social justice" a good idea?

    I don't know who the hell Barry is but if you were as rude and obnoxious to him as you are to me, then I'm not surprised if he insulted you.
  2. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Right back at you.
  3. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      In what areas is my knowledge lacking exactly?
  4. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Excessive governments control over people's lives (e.g. corona restrictions) is actually the definition of fascism. It's people like you who confuse racism with fascism, or who even confuse criticism of governments with fascism (very common in Germany today!) , who are mistaken.
  5. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Gaps in my knowledge?
  6. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      I don't think telling people you don't even know to "go fuck themselves" and calling them "trash" is appropriate behaviour.
  7. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      You're so angry! Have you ever considered therapy?
  8. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      I have no idea what you're talking about. I never said that. Furthermore, you're a bully for calling me "trash".
  9. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      I don't appreciate being called a "racist" by someone who doesn't know me. As an Irishman, I especially resent being labelled a racist by a Brit, given the appalling racism and discrimination meted out by the Brits to the Irish over the centuries, both in Ireland and Britain.    Yes, I can identify certain ethnic groups quite easily. I'm not always right of course but only the most ignorant, PC moron would suggest that people of different ethnicities all look the same and are indistinguishable from one another. And to suggest that because I mentioned that I've seen some Roma men spitting on the street means that I in some way support the "eradication" of the Roma is bordering on defamation.
  10. Is "social justice" a good idea?

     I was trying to be diplomatic and to avoid being labelled "racist" by some of the people on this forum who like doing that. The guys I see spitting on the street are usually Roma.
  11. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Indeed. I regularly see men (usually of a certain demographic) spitting on the street here in Germany.
  12. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      But nowadays it is being mainly used by those fleeing wars and poverty (as opposed to political persecution), it is not? Either way, I don't consider it be "zeitgemäß". By all means, admit some refugees but having it enshrined in the constitution makes it impossible to get a grip on the numbers. After all, all the applications for asylum have be heard, no matter how spurious many of them turn out to be.  
  13. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Not only that, the phrase "social distancing" itself is Orwellian, as if governments want to make people isolated and easier to control or something.
  14. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      Correct. Statistics show that refugees find work very, very slowly in Germany. I saw a report recently that after five years in the country, only around one-half have a job. The pathetic thing was, the report painted this in a positive light, i.e. "one-half of refugees have a job after five years, isn't that great?!"
  15. Is "social justice" a good idea?

      That's ridiculous. I can't understand how the Germans accept that. It's probably the only country in the world where the right to asylum is contained in the constitution.