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  1. Coronavirus

    @jeba: It's not that simple. Governments can impose whatever rules they want, but I (and everyone else) has the right to question and criticise them. Blindly following rules is what people do in authoritarian states. Germany has had two of those in the not-so-distant past so forgive me for being a bit worried about the recent situation with the coronavirus! As regards experts, they contradict each other all the time, and not just in relation to the coronavirus. That being the case, I'll listen to them for sure but, at the end of the day, I'll make my own mind on things. 
  2. Coronavirus

    @engelchen: Why the nastiness? Why can't you (and others on this site) disagree with others without being so mean and juvenile. I comment on some other sites but the name-calling and nastiness on this site really takes some beating! If you want to live the rest of your life like a little child doing what you're told by governments, scientists and other supposed "experts", feel free, but I want my life back.
  3. Coronavirus

    @BethAnnBit: You said in your last post: "We have been very conscientious about following the rules since the shit hit the fan in early March, and many others have not." That doesn't sound to me like a "70s question everything kid"! 
  4. Coronavirus

    @john_b: Everyone, including those who are labelled - often incorrectly - as "far right", has the right to criticise the government. It baffles me how those who are criticising governments' authoritarian tendencies are being defamed in this way. We should all be glad that there are people out there who still value freedom and liberty. 
  5. Coronavirus

    @john_b: Demonising those who have the guts to take to the streets to defend our civil liberties is wrong. But the government itself and the opinion-shapers in the media are doing it, so I suppose it's not too surprising that the general public will follow suit.
  6. Coronavirus

    My God, so many scared people with authoritarian tendencies posting here! How long more do you all want to live in this dystopian, unnatural, inhumane way?
  7. Coronavirus

    MikeMelga: The right or left side of the road? What does that mean?
  8. Coronavirus

    @RedMidge. With all due respect, the health service is there to protect the people, not the other way around. And hospitals should have enough beds and ventilators to cope with crises like this, without forcing people to live through the dystopia we've recently seen.
  9. Coronavirus

    @Krieg: Did I judge you? Not sure I did. I'm just a little bothered by everyone's willingness to blindly accept government orders in response to the coronavirus. That can lead anywhere, as people in Germany should well know!
  10. Coronavirus

    @fraufruit: What's a "Q nutter"? You might watch your language, dear. I don't appreciate being called a nutter by a complete stranger.
  11. Coronavirus

    @Wherearewegoingto: I rarely make reservations in restaurants or cinemas: I just turn up. But giving your name in a pub is a relatively new experience to me so forgive me for finding it odd!
  12. Coronavirus

    @Krieg: At least you still have a job. Millions all over the world have lost theirs thanks to the lockdowns.   As regards me and the pub: I live alone in a foreign country. I suffer from extreme loneliness. The pub is a lifeline for me. Don't judge people so harshly.
  13. Coronavirus

    @Keleth: Wow, you are very angry! If you feel like going along with whatever governments and the media tell you on every issue (e.g. coronavirus, immigration, climate change), that's fine. But I like to think for myself and will not be bullied or demeaned by people like you into conformity.   The lockdowns imposed on people across the world in response to the coronavirus have been unprecedented in their authoritarianism and deserve to be looked at critically.   And why is it that the people who agree with the coronavirus lockdowns are often the same people who think that moderate controls of borders in response to terror attacks, for instance, are racist, xenophobic, "right-wing", etc. even though such controls could well save lives? Why the double standard and the sudden respect for human life?   It's also fascinating how millions of unborn children are killed every year through abortion and we're told that's fine because it's a woman's right. Yet the same people who support this slaughter all of a sudden care about human life when it comes to the coronavirus? When did you discover your humanity? When Merkel and co. forced you to?
  14. Coronavirus

    @Krieg: At the moment those people are unemployed. That's no picnic either. But let me guess: you have a white-collar job and haven't been remotely affected by the lockdown.
  15. Coronavirus

    @Krieg: Mock if you like but some of us are looking at the bigger picture. Are you happy to live in a police state? And the hypocrisy of governments all over the world galls me: I can think of plenty of examples where political leaders make reckless decisions where they don't give two shits about the health or safety of their people, yet all of a sudden they care deeply about our health when it comes to the coronavirus and see fit to implement draconian measures that, previously, people would have been appalled at.