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  1. Hello everyone,   I am a music composer and sound engineer, currently living in Berlin. I have been regularly registered as a freelancer since 2019.   In light of the recent COVID-19 issues, I suffered over 80% in losses for my income and for this reason I've started looking for help in relation with the latest "Überbrückungshilfe für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen". I did receive help in April but the situation has not changed, so I decided to apply for the next grant which will start from October 2nd to end of the year.   To file a request it is now necessary to go through a third party like a lawyer or an accountant, so I started contacting them, here in Berlin, explaining my situation.   After over a month I have to say that I gathered - unexpectedly - some interesting data.   - Only 19% of the lawyers and accountants that I contacted answered my request. Those who answered said that they could not take it as they had too many to do already.   - I decided to change my name to one that sounded clearly German: 47% of them answered. Some of those who answered positively were among those who previously said they did not have the resources to work at my request.   - Surprised by what I had found, I decided to go one step further: I kept the fake German-sounding name and also changed my profession: from music composer to programmer. This time 89% of them replied, including - once again - those who had denied my request because of insufficient time and resources, in the previous two attempts.   At this point I think I involuntarily stumbled on some very interesting data (although some friends said already this comes to "no surprise"). I will continue to contact other professionals until I've covered all the lawyers and accountants currently operating in Berlin. I will continue to update my spreadsheet and calculate the percentages of my findings.   Once the data is there, does anyone know or would anyone recommend a newspaper, magazine or similar that would be interested in this and has enough pull to give this whatever resonance it deserves? Note how I am not jumping to any conclusion as the picture is definitely more complicated than my simple 1/2/3 steps but I believe this can be interesting nonetheless.   Thanks again,
  2.   Precisely what happened to my wife and I, including the additional emails. Glad it went well for you, too! Hugs,
  3. I am going to ring my neighbor upstairs and thank him for the spy camera he used to voyeur on us (" " " wildlife " " ") because he involuntarily allowed me to read a lot of useful info on a topic I was totally ignorant about.
  4. Thanks @lunaCH, this is very useful to know, just in case, to give me some perspective. I wish you all the best.. crazy how insurances also play their typical cards. It does not help in sedating my typical lack of trust against any form of insurance.. it's easy to pay them, it's hard to get them to pay (although in this case it might look clear and smooth that deliberate damage is not covered and has to be assessed by whoever dished out the damage.
  5. Crazy stuff. Out of the same curiosity: in cases like these do you have to have money to pay your lawyer? I mean.. I realize asking this might sound stupid but.. it's a case that seems to be tilted clearly in your favor. Still, do you need money on the spot (or monthly, for example) to keep your lawyer hired and operational to keep the situation so that you know you are proceeding to get justice? My fear is that - if you have no money to pay your lawyer from the get go - you won't have a chance to keep all the details under control to get full justice or at least try (I realize you can obviously still count on calling the police and they will still prosecute etc etc but it's a different thing than your lawyer who covers your interests).        
  6.   Thanks for this! Interesting and definitely opening up to give me a bit more of an understanding even if all situations are obviously different.
  7.   Totally agreed on your point. The idea is not that you get a free-pass just because I am a "tolerant" or "permissive" person. There are rules and they have to be followed. If I may ask: how did it "end"? Meaning.. what's the current status of your "let's call it relationship" between you and the neighbor? I am curious to know if you eventually moved out, stayed and stonewalled or got your neighbor to friendly realize his wrong and now he's living happily ever after. I don't mean to be nosy with your life (I'd come put a couple cameras, if I wanted that :)) but it's plain curiousity to know the aftermath.
  8.   I cannot sleep at the thought of him chaining his daughter to a chair, forcing her to watch footage of me doing nothing for a couple minutes a day on my garden's chair, putting the footage on repeat and whipping her with a replica shirt of Lothar Matthäus with a number 10 from Italy '90. The very fabric of my existence is trembling in fear at this haunting chant of death.
  9. Good suggestions. I'll talk to him and suggest that he finds a position that does not include my garden and still allows him to see the wildlife. I'll make sure to underline that I am not panicking for anything in particular, it's just that I don't want to be filmed or recorded.   Between you and me, my private life is nothing in particular that I need to hide but I simply intend to allow my right to not be recorded or filmed this way, which the laws of this country, at present time say to be illegal. (this last paragraph is just for the questioners.. I won't play the "law" card on him at the first hand, see, I am very tolerant lol)   Anyway I wrote the landlord today that I will be leaving the premises in the year and I'll make sure to notify him 3 months in advance, as per contract.
  10.   Exactly. I'll straight ahead say that. One thing worth mentioning is that it's always hard to know that "the camera is not pointing at you", because - unless the angles are really extreme - those cameras have three dots plus a central one that "look everywhere", and their look is usually "oh my, it's pointed at me anyway". The whole purposes of those wide angle lenses is to capture a big area in their field of view.. the garden is roughly 90-100 sqm.. the only way would be to have it pointed with the back at our property, that would work. Or low enough to be below the bushes so that our bushes kinda cover the windows sight as well.   Anyway, I'll talk to them easily when spotted in the garden (they're usually going around all over the property, which surrounds our apartment.. yes, they're like that :)).
  11. Thanks for the additional feedback, in my opinion:   1) The camera is not angled, it's straight vertical against the horizon (probably just a couple degrees off, meaning it can cleary see me, I've seen some videos on YouTube of the same model and they're also wide angle)   2) I concur on the fact that talking to them is enough to not being technically viable IF ONLY for the loss of the option to tip the police off. Although I won't hide myself behind this - very valid - reason because first and foremost I admit the first reason not to talk to them is that these are super sticky people. Nice, too nice, sticky. The type that falls of the tree of surprise as to "why in the world would anyone feel offended by my 5000% kindness shockwave :)) of being constantly stalking the neighbor I love!?". Again: hairy topic
  12. Thanks for the tips, folks! I should really stop being that "normal" and go for something totally crazy for once in my life, I mean what's the worst to lose? Yes, yes, I should really go for something crazy.. like talking sense into somebody XD   Seriously though, it's a viable thing, but I know him and his family and they will go super sticky on me, they will use my "critic" to apologize like crazy and use that to be constantly at my door step. It's a hairy topic for a forum, some people I wrote this too got offended and said many times I am the weird one, so I won't go into it. After all, I am leaving this place within this year anyway.   But it's no excuse to not thank you for all the tips! It's definitely an open topic, except for the Ordungsamt. For them it's just felony and gets punished by law. Gotta love the simplicity, sometimes
  13. Lol you are right! Funny enough we do have Füchse (a nice small family now, for some reason just passed by there yesterday, two big, two puppies) a Dachs, Washbaer (kinda rare but they're here) and Marder   Truth be told we're in 12557 Koepenick, we live in front of a huge park. Boars might be next! YAY!   But the most exciting ones are the "orange-red-hair" dyed nice former "East-Berlin" huge women those are WILD!
  14.   Thanks! Can I keep it anonymous to avoid any sort of retaliation? I might wait a bit to avoid drawing obvious suspicion on me. Other neighbors are facing that way but only in a minor way compared to my property. However there is a chance they could notice.. and call the Ordnungsamt.   In the meantime (unrelated but kinda motivated by this last "camera" showing up in front of my garden) I asked the landlord about the procedure and schedule in case I want to vacate my apartment. I am not doing it "because of this" but months ago my wife and I started thinking about moving to a place where we can live and work together in the same unit, instead of renting a separate place for work. This latest mishap just kinda oiled the mood and now the email is out!
  15. Hello everyone, I noticed my neighbor installed a hunting IR wireless camera (like those from Maginon) and put it on a pole facing directly, at about 15 meters, my garden, my windows, my property. His idea is to "look at the wildlife" that passes by his garden, which is obviously directly in front of the camera, but behind that there is also my garden and apartment (ground floor) with windows on my kitchen, living room and small office. This neighbor lives on the upper floors of my building and is connected to the family of the landlord himself (a brother).   What can I do apart from hiring a friend to come at night and steal it?