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  1. Hello!   I need to send 4-6 boxes (approx 10-20kg each) from Berlin to the US. DHL told me that due to Corona, they limit the number of packages going to the US and only do Premium packages (which is 90 Euro extra per box).   Today I learned that DHL hands over the packages to UPS in the US ... On several occasions I heard that UPS cannot be trusted and is unreliable. Especially now during Corona times.   Are the stories about UPS true? What other private mailing services to the US are good for shipping boxes?   Thank you.
  2. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice)

    Thank you so much for the advice and tips. I am doing this big move by myself and was feeling quite helpless.   I will contact the companies you all have suggested to get some quotes in. I was hoping for a door to door service including packing but that seems to be quite expensive - as I did not plan to move a container-worth of items. 2K for a crate sounds expensive to me ... if my belongings going into the crate is not worth that much    Does any of you have any advice for packing furniture yourself? I heard that if you do not pack up things properly aka let professionals pack your boxes, insurance will not cover any damage.   One very valid option I am seeing now is to try to carry as much as possible on the plane and ship some books and other random items via mail. Initially I was worried about the impact of the pandemic on the mail service as there were no packaged allowed to the US for a while - I hope this changes soon.          
  3. Hi! I am moving to USA next month (yes, during this pandemic) and although I am getting rid of most of my stuff, I do have some clothing, little furniture and other small things I'd love to bring with me.  I have started contacting some moving companies to get quotes, but wanted to ask this community for some advice.   - Can anyone recommend a decent shipping company for returns to the US from Berlin? - What was your experiences with using a palette / a crate and mailing boxes via DHL and bringing luggage on the plane? - Is there any advice on getting stuff back to the US in general? Also what to take and what to leave?   (I am aware that this topic has been discussed on this forum multiple times - however most of it is out of date)   I appreciate any help. Thank you!