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  1. Hello,    I am moving from Frankfurt to Berlin and holds a blue card residence permit. I am leaving my current job after 1.5 years of getting the blue card and very well aware that I have to notify and seek approval from Ausländerbehörde. My new job in Berlin also satisfies the blue card requirements, therefore, I asked my current Ausländerbehörde if they can update my Zusatzblatt (green supplementary document with company name).    Surprisingly, they are asking me to get this sorted from concerned authorities in Berlin and they can't do it even though I am still registered here and I will move to Belin next month (i.e. August).    My question is if I do it in Berlin, I will have to first register myself there, and then this file transfer issues from one Ausländerbehörde to another would probably take time. Can someone guide me if this is normal or what I can do in this situation?   p.s: I work in Frankfurt but my Ausländerbehörde is Groß-Gerau
  2. Hello,    I applied for my tax return at Kelsterbach Finanzamt 4 weeks ago, however, I have to urgently move to Berlin now. I still have not heard anything from the finanzamt yet.   Would city registration (anmeldung) in Berlin suffice and Kelsterbach Finanzamt would automatically know my new address for future communications? I am confused here and have no clue what to do.    Thanks.