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  1.   I gave all other documents to the registration office, apart from landlord's confirmation. But they didn't accept my request and replied as follows:   "der Untermietvertrag reicht nicht aus. Wir brauchen die Wohnungsgeberbestätigung ausgestellt und unterschrieben vom Hauptmieter der Wohnung."   I don't know what to do to register myself on this address! :( 
  2. In my case, the main tenant has not refused to give the "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung", but he is simply giving me excuses, like "my computer is broken", "I don't have a printer", "I am busy with some stuff". The main tenant doesn't live in Germany currently, he is temporarily living in Africa. I have been texting him and calling him since 3 weeks. He is not receiving my call or replying to my messages anymore. Can I still go to registration authority, with just the contract?