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  1.   Could you elaborate??? 
  2. @ OpRez I looked for more information on this topic and found this site :   again it said that you will be considered if you did not have any financial trouble before   " 31.12.2019 ". Now you said that you meant you didn't need any  unemployment benefits or take official actions against  it but I doubt that is what they mean because nothing of the sort has been mentioned in any of the articles.  For your sake I of course hope that you get the Zuschuss because this is a difficult time. Wish you the best!   
  3. What made you laugh today?

  4. Conspiracy theorists

    aynone else familiar with shane dawsons conspiracy videos on youtube ??? 
  5. a more specific suggestion: a gift basket with traditional german stuff so they see that you informed yourself and some canadian stuff as a nice gesture. That'be cool!!  If you need help with german products on google you find a bunch of german gift baskets ;D 
  6. Visiting Berlin for the first time in March

     No i just know that some people will come across this thread because they would like to visit berlin, too and I thought that I had some killer advice for them to see  so basically it was not just for the thread opener
  7. Punkte abbauen

    Hey guys just read on than points can be deducted. Does anyone have experience with that??     
  8. Visiting Berlin for the first time in March

    oh and I recommend visiting the food market Markthalle 9 !!
  9. Visiting Berlin for the first time in March

    Friedrichshain is the place to be! so many good bars and restaurants like euphoria for example 
  10. Motorcycle stunt riding around berlin

    suitable terrain for that :  Schenkenhorst, Fürstenberg, Fürstenwalde, Jüterbog, Groß Glienicke   here you could find other people to join :  
  11. germans love gift baskets with wine, cheese etc for example  like previously mentioned I think a lot of people would be happy about you bringing something from canada! that is a nice gesture!   
  12. Kurzarbeit due to Covid-19

    if you have a works council at your work I would also contact them about the situation 
  13. To @OpRez:  just read this in an article that the financial funds for freelancers has been exhausted because too many people have applied already.  Also Conditions: In addition to the requirements for the size of the company, care is taken to ensure that the economic difficulties did not exist before the corona crisis. The key date for the occurrence of damage is March 11, 2020. And you mentioned that you had difficulties before that.     
  14. Water tariff question-Berliner Wasserbetrieb

    Hey. Usually you have to pay the bill because of the  estimation based on the consumption of the previous owne, but after 6 months or one year they will adapt the bill to your consumption. So if you are not using the water the first couple months than your rent/ water bill will be deducted.