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  1. Asked by the police to indicate car damage value

      Yes, I reported it. Are they a good source though? I mean, if the police won't find responsible person, insurance company will have to cover the damage (Vollkasko). Chances are rather small so it would be in insurers interest to give me a low number. Honestly, it's a strange thing for the police to ask, are they asking to figure out how big of a crime was commited and whether they should do anything about it? Or does it mean the police caught the person responsible and now they have to know what kind of fine should the person get?
  2. Long story short, my car was hit, the culprit escaped, i reported the accident to the police, they came, took pictures etc. Now they sent a letter asking me to tell them how expensive the damage is. What should I tell them? I have no idea, I'm not an appraiser. I assume they need it to know what charges should they file against the person who caused the damage but why are they asking me? I mean, I could estimate but what if I'm wrong? Can I give them a wide range? Thanks!