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  1. Dating Scene of Germany: Emotionally Unavailable

    Hi,  I could give you a free consultation, write me a personal message and we will work from there.    
  2. Why do Germans lie so much?

    Totally agree, the men specially lie. The assure you are the best fucking thing in the city and then just make a lot of excusses, right?
  3. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    @fraufruit, the Administrator told me I was not leaving the flat without taking out the floor, it was not a kind request, it was almost a threat. @jeba actually, yes we did agreed with the Administrator that I will present a new tennant and he will let me out earlier. If you have read the edited post, perhaps you have read it. @Rushrushvery interesting and kinky name init?, Well show to me please only one post and please dont leave, life will be so hard without you.
  4. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    Did you read that I presented a tennant and they gave this tennan another flat?, so that means the tennant was not only suitable but usable for them. It was not my work to gave them a candidate for their empty flats or is it?. Additionally I made a job that cost much more than the deposit and the missing rent combined
  5. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    @fraufruit yes I presented the nachmiter last 2 months, so if they have been honest, I wouldn't have been here so I shouldn't have to pay those months. Do you realise? So Faulfruit, The flat was good painted and in order, I don't see why they should keep the deposit? @LeonG yes this is right the owner didn't want to rent just now, but then why the admin continue to encouraged me to search for a  Nachmieter and put all those conditions?, and why I was asked to remove the floor? Why the admin advised me to paint it myself because the professional painter will ask me big money,?   
  6. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    Well, is good that you point out the down points because I could get ready for that. Well actually there was one of the administrators that I made bussiness with on the start and during the tenancy. When I suggested to be treated iqual as I have taken the flat, then they fancy that the other administrator was to be incharge. So there is a second administrator that receive the flat on the way out. I actually wanted to talk with the owner but he seems no wanting to show his/her face. I know exist and that he is the one deciding not to rent the flat but never seen him. So the two administrators are to blame and the second one has been the worse because didnt know the floor was with the flat, didnt know the sink was not and appears to be a con artist. The first one is just an old person with not personality, very polite and deceptive. This first one on the latest visit was fixing his eyes on the structure of the walls and the little holes, that I actually I filled. Both of them are just going to cover each other, so it has to be against the two of them. Anyway I have a high deposit but I have not payed the rent 2 months, perhaps they will want to charge me for some things in the flat but I really want my deposit back because the thing with the tenant was not my fault. If they were picky and didnt want to accept my tennant, why them show him another flat?.
  7. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

      Thanks, finally some concrete, yet fresh idea.
  8. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    If there is tons of info here, you may remember some, and graciously please send me the link. Off course I searched before posting, but I didn't find anything close to my case.
  9. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    Well, I was living there just occasionally whilst renovating. I am officially registered in another town and I moved from February. Now everybody is working from home anyway so am I.  I had to have to move between the two places which are costly for transport and accommodation. If the landlord had not played with my feelings, I mean if he was a correct person, he should have told me it was not possible to move before and I should not have to rent the other flat from February. I should not have to move all my furniture or if he was fairer, he should have invited me at the same time that to the Nachmieter and showed my flat instead of the other. I think it is a matter of I don't know, morality?. Or I am crazier than I though?
  10. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

      Well, we will see. I can feel that most of you are owners, so not much of experience on the topic. Additionally, I know, I am crazy enough to believe in justice.
  11. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    The tenant (Nachmieter) was invited to the other Flat without my presence, so my flat was not considered by the Administration (Verwaltung). Yes if presented the other it would have been more appealing. However, I happen to have the application and letter of intent from the tenant saying he has seen my flat and was ready to renovate and put the new kitchen at his own cost. Additionally, I have a WhatsApp chat where the tenant confest to me that the Owner was not in the mood of renting just now.
  12. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    Thanks for your replies, does not take anything to keep polite and to the business. The floor was on a top condition. I have Photos and prospective tenants as witnesses.  Perhaps I am delusional, but I keep my hopes to find some relevant advice amongst this community.
  13. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    I use to be in the tenants association. However, when I moved, I was no longer allowed to continue, with the same city association. In a smaller city, everybody knows each other, and the new association lawyer seemed not likely to get in trouble for their costumers. In any case, on making the transference protocol, the new administration felt so lovely and relaxed.  Far was I to realise, something could go this wrong. Graciously, please do not bother to reply, if you don't know and just snort, thanks and kind regards.
  14. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    I forgot how rude some of you are and didn't care to check, sorry . I am editing my original post. I avoided obvious details that, seem not obvious to you. The Administrator (Admin) agreed to me leaving early if I give him a new suitable tenant (End tenancy April). When I introduce him to the first optional tenant, he fancied that I needed to remove the floor and to paint better. I asked a couple of German friends one of whom is a lawyer, to read the contract, to be sure I was obliged to. They didn't read it attentively and told me I have to. Later, I read it myself and realised I should not, but I have already taken it out. I move out my furniture, took out the floor and painted. Honestly, I didn't want to have problems with the admin. In February, I put an advertisement and screened, 20 possible tenants. There were only two with the Admin requirements (No WG, no students, no Pets, no Arbeitlos, no more than 3 people, good income and fix job, must bring kitchen and new floor). The admin rejected the applicants with the new fancy requirement to stay longer than 2 years.  I checked with one tenant and he told me that he met the administrator and my flat was never referred to and that the Admin had shown him other and also that the landlord didn't want to rent the flat because he wanted to put a kitchen first. The admin said the new tenant was independently introduced to him (not me). Then I told him I have proof I introduced that tenant. Then, he changed his argument and said, it was the tenant who didn't want to because of the deplorable condition of the flat (Actually I have the letter of intent of tenancy, where the tenant said, he was ready to renovate himself to his own cost). I decided to improve the flat, at this point I was working and living on an empty flat, sleeping on the floor no refrigerator and washing clothes by hand. Why? because the admin agreed that I introduced him a tenant and move out. The real intention of the admin was that I vacated the place of my belongings, so he could renovate at peace during the time I was paying the rent. I wonder if I have a case against the administrator 1. for asking me to remove a floor that I didn't have to take out, (got an injury by the way),  2. rejecting a perfect tenant, unsubstantiated. 3. putting me on a regrettable mental state and 4. have to bear with your derision. I feel a monetary compensation would be needed to clear my soul.   I would gladly appreciate your knowledge and advice.
  15. Landlord presented another flat to next tenant

    Thanks for your replies, however it is not possible to edit the post. Or somebody would please point me where to.