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  1. Paying MVV fare

      I had a monthly ticket but my phone ran out of battery. I just found out late that I can pay 5 euros instead of 60 euros, I already paid 60 euros and they can't refund the money. Thanks for your help.
  2. Paying MVV fare

    Hi everyone I have paid 60 euros penalty fare with a ticket machine today, Should I do anything else? It gave me 2 receipts, But when I scanned the QR code again, I could pay the price again!!! Also, Can it cause any problems for my permanent residence permit and citizenship process in future? I use the mobile app for buying monthly tickets and it ran out of battery.
  3. TK CT Scan coverage

    Hello,   Does anyone know if TK covers skull CT scan? I have asked them but they are very slow when I send them an email.
  4. TK CT Scan coverage

      Yes, She gave me a paper. Its title is "Überweisungsschein".