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  1. €49 Ticket is here

    Hi I would like to buy Deutschland-Ticket, valid for October, for the first time and would like to be sure below statements are correct: - I can use MVV app - I can buy it already now, before October - before 10.10 I must cancel it, otherwise I will have to pay it also for November. Is all above correct? Thanks
  2. Hello Is anyone aware if there are any international cycling groups with regular organized tours around Munich? With goal to discover nature and having a good time together. Thanks
  3. Move to another PKV

    Hello I would like to move to another PK - Privatkasse (from current PKV to new PKV), solely because of a better price conditions. Is process straightforward like with changing the internet or electricity provider, where the new provider takes care of cancelling the contract with the old one? Are there specifics, where I should take a closer look? For example, can I change it in the middle of the year, or must I wait until the end of the year? How is it with moving the contribution supplement for old age? Is there anything else? Thanks