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  1. Arbeitszimmer

    Hello   I'm curious if Finanzamt would recognize my working room in this situation: - last year due to covid, our company (I'm regularly employed)  recommended  to work from home as much as possible. - majority of the year, we had renovation going on, where we couldn't use our offices and individual desks anymore,   although we could sit in some other room or at some other desk in case it was available. - I have a separate room in my apartment, where I have my home office, it's on it's own floor in two floor apartment.   Would that be enough for Finanzamt to recognize the costs for it?   As for the future (2002 on), after renovation, they set up so called mobile offices. We don't have our individual desks anymore, e.g. today I sit here, tomorrow it can be already occupied by someone else and then I would need to find another desk. In worse case scenario, if everything is full, I need to go back and work from home, they are even talking about booking system, similar as for conference rooms. Company is allowing us to work from home for 50% of our working time. Could these be good enough reasons, I could put cost for work room in the future tax income declarations?   Thanks for any kind of feedback.  
  2. German Tax Residency - 183+ days, or "registered"?

      Sorry to jump into this topic, I'm just curious when is the best time to leave Germany to avoid  taxation of non-german income based on Progressionsvorbehalt. Is this possible only on 31.12.? Or is there any other way?
  3. Hmm, it looks nice and already completely finished, why it won’t be available sonner? And why does it need 21” tires?  Is there an actual reason why all EVs have so big tires? It only adds costs and higher consumption and no other advantage.   My personal favorite choice would be Ioniq (1) with at least 400km on the highway. Hopefully hyundai will upgrade it someday with better battery.  
  4. How to activate DKB Visa card?

    I activated mine on the phone with DKB app. 
  5. Based on what did you choose those 6 persons out of 3000?  In what way did they stand out in their emails? Assuming they didn’t send you any personal data (like payslips or photos)
  6. What happens to your German pension if you move abroad?

    I will never understand why first the salary is taxed (also with SV for future rent) and then the rent itself is also taxed. This is crazy. 
  7. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    I was under impression, as well as my colleagues, they intentionally  offered 9€ ticket in summer months, because most people will be having holidays somewhere in Majorca and won't be using trains in Germany at all.  
  8. employed in DE and home office in EU

    Hello  Thank you guys, for reply.    Well, this sound rather interesting - to get paid a gross salary in Germany and you pay other contributions  by yourself in another country. Is there any article or even legislation published from German point of view about this ? What I could find was only an option that employee is officially sent by his employer to work in a foreign country for a limited length of time.  I guess my HR is not that flexible, they said I could work outside Germany only for 20% of my work time (and this is only valid because of Corona). And if I deregister from Germany (abmelden) I must cancel the work contract.  Any feedback to this?
  9. Hello   Due to increasing prices (food, fuel, gas, fricking sunflower oil is 500% up), I'm trying to find a way to reduce living costs. Because on top is the apartment rent, I would like to know legal possibilities to keep a regular employment in Germany,  without having German address anymore (I would unregister) and be working from home office from another EU country full time.   Besides becoming a freelancer (which is risky by itself), what would be other options here? What should be considered from the employer side and what from employee side?   Is anyone already doing the same?   I would appreciate any insight. Thank you
  10. Higher prices are popular? People simply realized to late green means €€€. And if Europe would be completey on renewables, wouldn’t help our planet a bit, because other bigger countries have much bigger impact on the environment.    And about nuclear waste recycling:   Used nuclear fuel can be recycled to make new fuel and byproducts. More than 90% of its potential energy still remains in the fuel, even after five years of operation in a reactor. The United States does not currently recycle used nuclear fuel but foreign countries, such as France, do. There are also some advanced reactor designs in developmentthat could consume or run on used nuclear fuel in the future.
  11. Yes, exactly, all this happened because of unbelievable short-sightedness of German governments. What actually worries me a lot, is that  officials in mostly all EU countries and telling us to prepare for even worse conditions at the end of the year. So, first will be 10% reduce, then 50%  and then they will just cut of the supply, because, lo and behold, there won't be any sun in winter (if electricity prices are zero or even negative in summer, doesn't  help end consumer in winter at all),    What I also notice is, that many of city folks are actually agreeing with this green agenda. I'm puzzled why, but after all, anyone owning a real estate in a large German city is basically a millionaire and higher prices don't effect them so much (at least not at first), and they support adding even more taxes for fuel, higher "green" electricity prices , not realizing this is increasing prices also for everything else. More you go to the countryside (and east Germany), more realistic people are, because even 10% increase of food, is a burden for them, let alone 5€ for 1l oil. Combine this green agenda with sanctions against Russia (=no gas supply) and you have disaster waiting to happen. And after all this, imagine, we'll have a big drought this summer...
  12. Biggest mistake Germany did, was shutting down nuclear plants, All this energy crisis is consequence of that. With cheap electricity many households would choose heat pumps instead of gas or even oil. And lets be honest, solar and wind energy don't work without the sun and wind, and they are anyhow to unreliable. And all this will lead for us (middle and lower) class having to save energy, reducing heating and being cold, and at the same time, richest people are flying into space just to make a selfie and having yachts consuming gallons of fuel every minute. Oh, and I cannot  imagine them to reduce heating and use blankets in their big mansions.