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  1. Good to hear about the residence permit.   Also, our options are still currently very open regarding where we will move. One option is actually back to my wife's home town for teacher training, in which case we would move in with her retired parents (who are chill as), and use the emtpy 2nd floor of their house as an apartment.
  2. "unless she or he really is braindead clueless."   Hasn't stopped me this far. Also it seems i receive 60% netto up to 2 years, and potentially don't have to accept jobs outside by profession, or below previous salary (for a limited period). Gotta say, i love paying higher taxes.    Any information about tech jobs with minimal German knowledge, renting without a job, or residence status after Brexit (dec 31 unless Bojo extends)?
  3. yeah I read about this method elsewhere and only costs 10€.
  4. If the world's ending, I guess I won't need a job.
  5. On Thursday I delivered my Kündigung via Post with Einschreiben und Rückschein. My boss is the type to say they never received it and cause all sorts of theatre out of spite.   If this occurs, what is my recourse?
  6. Yup, already noted this one. Thanks!
  7. Age: 35 Nationality: British Residence status: EU citizen Time in Germany: 4.5 years German level: A2 Married to a German student, no children Job status: Just quit, leaving end of May Net worth: 200k, currently all liquid Occupation: Software engineer   So, I just quit the job, handed in my resignation and will leave end of May.   So a new chapter awaits. We will be moving to a new city in August, either in our state, or a different state, depending on if my wife is accepted to post-grad or starts teacher training.   Arbeitsamt I'll be heading to the Arbeitsamt in Tuesday to see what they have in store for me. Ideally, as I won't be receiving benefits for 3 months, they won't be pestering me to look for a new job immediately. What's the likelihood of this?   Renting an apartment Also, as we'll be renting a new apartment in August, I assume my unemployment will be a factor. Is the fact we have some money in the bank and never missed rent considered by landlords/rental agencies, or will it be a significant barrier?   Learning German Well I have no excuses here. Worked in an English speaking office, lived with my wife who studies English. And lazy as hell. Been studying more the past month and going to increase that considerably (been saying this for years). Actually considering going on an intensive course for 3 months if that is possible. Perhaps the Arbeitsamt will like that. Seems like a good opportunity to do that.   Job search Hopefully being a software engineer helps here. In demand profession and lack of German not always a barrier. Prefer to work remotely if possible as we won't be moving to a city with many tech jobs, plus I've worked on a distributed team for the past 18 months, so I have experience here. Creating XING and LinkedIn profiles today.   Residence status Brexit around the corner. I suspect I'll be applying for Permanent Residence. What if I don't have a job by then we but can support me and my wife financially? I hope to be B1 at least, plus I'm married to a German, so hopefully I won't be asked to leave regardless. I've not heard anything from my local Ausländeramt. I assumed I'd get a letter but perhaps I'll just have to visit them.   So any advice or information from people who have been through my situation, or can answer any of my questions would be greatly appreciated.