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  1. BIS, St George's or ESM?

    Thanks so much for your reply, that's really cemented my initial views of the European School so I'll rule that one out.    From what you have said, BIS sounds perfect.    My office will be in Halbergmoos in the north east, near the airport, so we are looking to find a place to live that is not too far from either the school or office, and preferably where there are other families and things to do, restaurants, big green spaces etc... We were thinking schwabing, nymphenberg or bogenhausen? Do you know any suitable areas in northern/eastern Munich?    Thanks!
  2. BIS, St George's or ESM?

    Hi   I just got a job in Munich an am due to start July. Usually I would have been face to face with some future colleagues who can advise on the schools, but with the lockdown it's impossible.    I need to enrol my 4 year old in kindergarten in september and am keen for him to learn german from the outset, but would rather not put him in a school where few people  speak english,  just because we have been locked down for so long and i don't want him to feel out of place, as he is already getting a bit lonely.   Looking for opinions from parents with children in the Bavarian Internations School, St George's or European School. It's so hard doing the application process from a distance. Where can he get a decent language educaction whilst still being predominantly reached in English? I can't see any recent posts on this, and schools change over time.   Thanks!
  3. My family and I are due to come to Munich in the summer for 3 years. The only thing we know so far is that I will be working in halbergmoos in the north eastern Munich area. We need to live within a half hour commute of the area by train. We have two young children and so we would like a house and garden preferably with other families nearby, but also not too far from the Englishergarten or other massive green area with lots to do and local bars nearby. Is this shopping list a bit much? Is there a safe, family area that comes to mind?    Any advice appreciated! Thanks! :)