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  1. Nah, I'll just continue to go everywhere pantless 
  2. Well today I got a notification that the money was refunded. They still haven't said anything to me after ignoring my last message from days ago, so I guess they just knew they weren't going to have a choice about it. 
  3. Right. I've explained everything to the seller and asked for a refund, but they refuse, claiming they had every right to send it to a different address because they didn't think the first address was right. According to ebay, I have to wait until July 2nd and then I can take it up the with the buyer protection team, and see if they'll do anything.
  4. I bought a pair of new Levi jeans from an established seller (over a decade of sales, 99.9% positive feedback) for 70  EUR. Unfortunately, I paid by credit card instead of paypal.   At checkout, it gave me a list of possible DHL pickup points, so I just selected one nearby from the list. After purchase, the seller sent me a message saying that the address isn't accurate, and they asked if they could send it to my billing address instead (and they didn't specify what the billing address is). I tried to explain that I didn't write the address myself and had only selected it from the list ebay provided. I told them I don't want to change the shipping address now because it could cause me to lose out on some of Ebay's buyer protections (I wasn't sure if ebay really has any policy about this but I know paypal does, so I just wanted to play it safe). I didn't recommend any course of action for them, so I assumed they would either send it to the original address or issue a refund.    After two days, I didn't get any reply so I asked them to cancel the order and issue a refund. They replied that they had sent it to my BILLING address, which I never gave them permission to do.  I then found out the address which they are referring to as my "billing address" is not even an address that I selected for billing on this order, because I always check the box to send the invoice and package together. It is an old address in another city two hours away which I had no idea was even still on my profile because it never appears during checkout. I do have my current home address saved under the page that says "shipping addresses," but apparently my old address was still saved in the page titled "registration addresses."   According to DHL, the package was accepted by a neighbor, in the city two hours away, where I never gave them permission to send the package.   Surely they aren't allowed to send it to a different address just because they feel like it, are they? Anyone know what my legal standing is here since I can't return the package, and I have no way to contact the person who received it?      Thanks!