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  1. Good day to all you lovely people of this forum. I hope you can give me a piece of advice on my situation. So, I am a student enrolled in a german university, and, long story short, I messed up big time. While visiting my friend I had way too much to drink and went into a drunken rage. At some point I stormed outside and caused a ruckus there, which prompted a scared neighbor to call police on me. Thankfully, by the time they arrived, I calmed down, so there was no arrest and a friend of mine drove me home. One week passes, and I get a questioning letter stating that im charged with Sachbeschädigung auf Straßen Wegen und Plätzen. I also want to note that, according to my friend, I did not do any significant damage outside of the house. From what I understand, this most likely entails a fine and a misdemeanor record, so here are my questions: - Will this incident prevent me from extending my student residence permit? I will have to apply for it in about a year from now. - Will it impact my chances of getting a working permit after I finish my studies? Thanks in advance to everyone who answers here.