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  1. British Sky+ boxes (used) available

    Many thanks SusieT: it’s been a pleasure. so to everyone else: only the 500GB sky+ HD and an old sky digibox left now - keen to get rid of them
  2. British Sky+ boxes (used) available

    I’m happy to use courier of your choice of course if you want any one of the boxes
  3. British Sky+ boxes (used) available

    Apologies for only answering now SusieT; I had assumed I would get email notifications when responses were posted here + hadn’t checked. Based on the weight of the 500GB (5kg+) one it would be 9,49 EUR with DHL, the other two would be EUR 6,49 each with DHL. Tracked and insured. I can’t help with the Freeview card unfortunately
  4. Hey all, I’m doing a clear-out and have three old British Sky satellite receivers which I’d like to get rid of. Two of them are Sky+ (a 500GB HD and a 80GB one), and an old Sky digibox pre Sky+. These will only work with British Sky on Astra 2 at 28.2°E (a 80cm dish with dual LNB required on central Germany). And for functions like Sky+, a BSkyB viewing card or Freeview card will be necessary.  Anyone want these or one of them, e.g. 50EUR, 25EUR, 10EUR? Happy to post with DHL or pickup around FRANKFURT/Mainz Germany.