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  1. Hair fall treatment doctor in Munster

    Can any regular hautarzt treat hair fall problems ? Any platform (app/website) to book appointment and find good specialists ??
  2. Hair fall treatment doctor in Munster

    I am looking for a dermatologist/ trichologist / a hair fall specialist doctor in Munster. Please suggest as how to go ahead with this. I am experiencing excessive hair fall recently. I am afraid my hair line is growing thin. I am looking forward to see a doctor. I am having a resident permit here with valid health TK insurance. Please suggest how can I fix an appointment with a specialist . Or any suggestions. 
  3. Slip joint washer

    Thank you
  4. Slip joint washer

    I will look for them. Thank you.
  5. Slip joint washer

    My Pipe (P-trap) has somehow got disconnected due to faulty slip joint washer. 
  6. Slip joint washer

    Where can I buy a slip joint washer used in P -trap in the kitchen plumbing pipes? I stay in Munster in NRW area. Is there any shop where I can find these?? Please check the pictures attached. 
  7. Where to buy sex toys in Munster

    Thank you @fraufruit . Any more suggestions. I was looking here and could find some pretty big discounts   Here .  herehttps://www.eis.de/sexspielzeug-fuer-maenner/masturbatoren Do you feel it's a good place too ? It will be my first time
  8. Where to buy sex toys in Munster

    Can someone suggest me how do locals in Munster buy sex toys ? Is there a sex toy store located here. Or they prefer online ? Any trustworthy online store or website. Thank you.