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  1. Exploited worker

    Thank you very much for your time and efforts to reply LeonG. Will give it a try and that's better than not doing anything at all.
  2. Exploited worker

      Actually Lieferando employs their riders. Deliveroo/Foodora had self-employed riders but that failed because of many lawsuits and perhaps the risk of being Scheinselbstständigkeit
  3. Exploited worker

    The overtime has been consisted and almost 13 weeks in a row has it been 50 hours, 54 hours etc. The rest are in line with the 48 hours. Since the employment has lasted longer than 6 months, this means that the average is also over what's considered acceptable. Do you guys know if there is an Amt or similar which checks if companies follow the rules for employees. This is not a case of asking or suing the company for compensation, on the contrary it's a mission to stop the exploitation of workers who don't know the German language or laws well because these people are at risk of getting ripped-off, exploited big time. If an Amt is informed and investigates, then it will help all workers. I am not looking into a recommending a private lawsuit since that's egoistic.
  4. Exploited worker

    Hello, I am writing with regard to someone who has told me that he was exploited by a delivery company, Lieferando. He works as a delivery driver on a bike. Almost 13 weeks in a row now, he has been forced to work over 48 hours per week, which I with my amateur Google search skills have found out is against the Arbeitszeitgesetz. The worst example was that he had to work 54 hours. With forced I mean, his regional manager, said that he would otherwise lose the job. So the company is basically undermanned in one of the bigger cities in Germany and force their employees to work more than the law stipulates as acceptable. There is documented evidence because the worked hours are registered in a system, which can be retrieved through app or online. What rights does this person have? Can he go to a lawyer? Any recommendations of good lawyers for workers' rights? Kind regards, Leone