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  1. Fired while on sick leave (terminated)

    Thanks to you all, i already did followed all the steps above!     Isn't there any lawyer who can do that online? Any advice?  
  2. Hello everyone!   I have got an letter yesterday from my employer in which from the translator i understand that i am getting fired! Im going to post this letter here! -->   So in general i was for 2 days in a hospital ( kidney's problem ) and then the doctor gave me 30 days sick leave until 24.07.2021 My question is: Do i have any rights for being fired while sick leave ? Should i contact an lawyer ? Or in general what are good steps to follow ? It is my first time in a situation like this and i don't really know what to do and from where to start!   My story: I am working as a truck driver since 01.08.2017 in the same company ( about the job in the company, the conditions, the way my boss treated me i should open another topic ). For this 4 years i haven't done anything wrong, anything that will cost more for the company ( wrong address , late hour, braking, crashing, stealing etc. nothing wrong at all)! I have two little children's and four years of experience and now in one sunny day i am without a job!   I have not sozialversicherung to ask!   Anybody more competent please give me advice ! It will be well appreciated! Best Regards