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  1. Hi everyone,    I wanted to apply for a Niederlassungerlaubnis but I receveid a message from KVR here in Munich saying that it was not possible. A little more about my situation: - My bachelor is in Business Administration - I've been employed as a Product Manager in an IT company with a Blue Card since 05.2018 with salary of €52.200/year. - I've changed jobs in 01.02.2020 and my new salary is €62.000/year - Although I have B1 German knowledge, KVR informed me that I cannot apply for a Niederlassungserlaubnis - The reason they said is that, as my salary in 2019 was lower than €53.600/year, the period is not counting for the 21 months.  Below is KVR message:     Had anyone the same experience? Is there anything that I can do or I have to wait and then try to apply again?   Thank you for any input!