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  1. Neighbor Laws and Construction, public/emergency access

    We haven't received anything in writing from the town, nor has my landlord. My landlord is pushing though and is not letting this settle, thankfully.  I assume they would have to give some sort of notice (i hope written) before starting so we aren't landlocked with our cars and access.    Following a brief interaction with the construction owner, he thinks it's no big deal that we just have to park on another street (which we'll need to get permission to do since it is private) and walk across a field. We're not lazy or unreasonable to deal with minor inconveniences, but this is absurd. We have a 2 car garage and a large driveway which certainly ties into the high rent. Why would we be expected to park and walk 10 minutes across a privately owned field that is often not even mowed? And this doesn't account for mail delivery and trash pickup. Sorry to vent.   Thank you all for you input. It's been helpful in the brainstorming and reasoning. 
  2. Neighbor Laws and Construction, public/emergency access

    I did post this before but was hoping to get more feedback. Imagine being a new expat in Germany and not being able to get any support or help. The Mieterbund/Mieterverein is totally unresponsive and has not returned phone calls or emails for a few weeks now.    My landlord and I are in constant contact and she is trying to get answers from the town, but unfortunately with no results. She is trying to figure out all of our rights in response to new construction.    Thanks for your responses. I was hoping I could get some legal advice or feedback on German Neighbor law and Emergency Route Laws. Looks like it is time to hire a lawyer. :(    
  3. Hessen, Taunus area, house renter.  There are 2 homes being built on my neighbor plot. They want to tear up the ONLY access road to my home. What are the Neighbor Laws regarding emergency vehicle access? What are my rights as a tenant who moved in before the construction and will now not have any access to my home, school bus stop, mail delivery, and garbage pick up? My local Meiterbund is not returning calls or emails (perhaps office closed due to coronavirus?).  It is not good enough to get a rent reduction. Surely, I must have rights to access my own home daily. Furthermore, it is a concern and a safety issue if emergency vehicles cannot get up the road to my home.  Thank you for your advice! 
  4.   I'm trying to join the local Mieterverein and get answers. Seems the hours are open are very few. Thank you.    Do you know if a town legally has to provide a temporary access road due to emergency vehicle access, garbage pick up, and mail delivery? Unfortunately, our home is at the end of the narrow street that they will tear up. The only other possibility for car access is across a large field that is privately owned. 
  5. I'm wondering what my rights are as a tenant in a neighborhood home. Before moving in, we were warned of possible construction in an empty lot next door. We accepted that we could have inconvenient noise and debris/dust during work hours. Construction started 6 months ago. This week, we were notified by our landlord that the ONLY access road to our home will be torn up for a few months, leaving us to park either across a field where we will have to get permission to leave our two cars OR to park in a cul de sac in another neighborhood and walk through 4 other homes backyards.  The construction builder has had approval (before we could voice an opinon) from the town to tear up the road, but must pay for it privately. We are paying taxes on a large 2 car garage home with private driveway that we will no longer be able to access. Is this acceptable?  I am very concerned that emergency vehicles like the fire brigade and the ambulance will also not have access to our home. Is there a law stating that they must have access that protects me? Add to that my daughter has medical needs and my 3 children will no longer have walking access to their bus stop on the other end of the street that will be torn. We will also have garbage pick up and mail delivery interrupted.  What are my legal rights as there is clearly a very serious defect and change to the rental home/living conditions that we agreed upon when we signed contracts? Thank you all.