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  1. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    Thanks a lot HH_Sailor! I was hoping this would be a case.
  2. haha, reading this thread is giving me some stories to tell over a couple of beers next time I home :-)   Here is my ranking of absolutely worse customer service nations (not based on single incident but rather years long exposure):   4) Germans 3) Parisians (but not all French) 2) Czech 1) the contest by a mile!    In my humble opinion the most customer friendly nations are the Dutch, Scandinavians and Canadians:  it seem to come natural for therm. In eastern Europe; Poland, Latvia, Estonia it seems that people are extremely helpful to foreigners but not that much to their fellow citizens. In the US I am overwhelmed and it makes me feel suspicious, it doesn't feel natural...although I clearly prefer it over German ways.
  3. computer printer - which to buy?

    I had put myself exactly the same question at the beginning of the pandemic when it became clear that working from Home-office is a new norm. I do not print a lot but i wanted to be able to print from my iPad and my iPhone as well as from my work laptop plus some solution for scanning. After a research I went with HP Tango X... a bit pricey at, if i recall €150 or so but it has all I needed and it also is smallest on the market and easy on the eye, not the least of factors  when putting an office equipment in one's home environment. It has a great app for scanning too.  I am told it works with Alexa...whatever it means in the hype world of printing... And so i have been happy since, so I highly recommend
  4. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    So now I got the fine confirmed at €108 and 1 point in Flensburg. So the follow up question is: Because I got that other point (during the same trip) , I now have 2 points. Does the above explanation as to when they will expire mean that: a) I now have 2 point  therefore its 5 years before they go away or b) I have two instances of a one-point offense and both will go away in 2,5 years? 
  5. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    Nope all was on Autobahn. ( I am rather well behaved driver in the city :-)     
  6. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    thanks Alexnf! there is a lot of good info on that page albeit my limited German might be misleading me. So based on this , I assume that I will manage to hold on to my driver licence as it would be lost ( for a month) if I had  another speeding in 12 months time (or i is it in same calendar year?) that would be 26km/h over the limit while my other offence was just 21km/h over the limit...  OK, so now i need to be on my watch as I will now have 2...(or 3 if the one form 2017 still is valid) points in Flensburg.  I was trying to find on the same page how long will those 2 ( or 3) be counted but without success. Also for my previous offence the "catalog price" was €70 but they charged me almost €100 this is a confusing practice, they seem to add a lot of supposed fees...  is this really legal? 
  7. Speeding ticket, letter without a fine amount?

    so I also got 21km/h over limit on 120km autobahn on the same trip but in different bundesland. got €98 penalty plus 1 point ( i got 1 point in the past, in 2017 )  Would this affect the "history" you mention?
  8. I was driving from Berlin to Frankfurt in late November, in December I got a letter from the Thuringer Polizei that i have be caught  driving 30 km/h over the speed limit on a stretch of Autobahn which limitation of 100km/h. But there was no amount to pay mentioned nor any indication of any other sanction.  I have relieved few of those speeding tickets in the past but there always was amount and payment instructions indicated? whats different with this one? Also , I have been earlier advised to ignore the accompanying declaration of Driver as long I don¨t want to report someone else using the car, and even though I was told I don¨t need to declare family members. So I didn't reposnd, my logic was that perhaps they will send another letter with amount. This time however, I got another letter yesterday, this time from Frankfurt Ordnungsamt asking of behalf ot Thuringen to identify driver ? what's going on with this? Am i in big trouble?
  9. Severance pay questions

    Yapp. Check24 Also after reading RedMidge's comment about small print I have asked a German colleague to give it a look for any relevant exclusions in there and he said its rather cosher. ( although he does not have a legal background, he's pretty thorough) 
  10. Tax filing dilemma

    thanks Vivanco, Does it also apply if I do it via the Lohnsteurverein ?
  11. I have done my own tax filing for few years (despite my poor German, it seem quite logical and similar to one I did back home) and initially I was getting quite a big refunds but lately I started to pay and each year the amount was bigger. So I lost confidence in my own abilities and wanted to do it with a pro. I got appointment for September but it was cancelled due to  his Corona situation, I got another appointment for October and the guy cancelled again, same reason. In the mean time I got a Erinnerung from tax office to file or face fines (deadline today) I spoke to the guy and he told me not to worry, its just reminder not a real threat and we have an appointment tomorrow. But I feel insecure, can this really be so that they give me deadline and threat with a 25k fine and I can ignore it and file late without risk? I saved my own filing inb Elster without sending it ( which will result in  €3600  back-taxes to pay) and am now thinking what shall I do: shall I send my own or wait till tomorrow, risk fines and perhaps the result of his filing will also leave me 3600 short... 
  12. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    hmmm,  There was nothing stated about not accepting emails and the email address was printed in the upper right corner of the letter where the sender's address normally would go ( but not the physical address, this was only in the footer) But this being Germany probably the obvious is not that obvious so I better go to post today and send the hard copies
  13. Severance pay questions

    So I took out such insurance today. I am not fluent enough in German to discover such small print trap. @jebaCan you please tell me which insurance company it was ? I took Ergo "Smart, with specific "Beruf" part. Has anyone any experience with them?
  14. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    Bringing back the thread to a Farherflucht topic. So now I got request form the Hesse persecutor office to present the cost incurred, it seems they are gonna put this guy on trial and want to know what was the damage. I have a valuation at €3k from a Gudachter ( still have time to repair it, I drive around with dents) So the letter had an email address in a corner of it and I sent a scan of the documents I got from the Gutachter to this email address. I did not get any confirmation, it is now 2 sinceI sent it. So last week I sent another email asking if they received my documents for this case , no answer either. What is your advice, may I assume that they got it but are just too rude to respond, or shall I take the safer road and post all the copies to them?
  15. Severance pay questions

    not sure what do you mean with this,  I am not looking for any pre-lawsuits. I merely want to be sure to get a proper advice if and only if I would need it in the future... I am weighting the Legal Insurance ( I guess there is few months of waiting period with insurance and you never know when sh*t will hit the fan) against membership in Arbeitrnehmerhilfe Verein. Does anyone has experience with them?   As an example as to why I consider those two options: I am very pleased with similar concept of Tenant Association.  Their lawyer was very efficient when we needed to go to court against our former landlord (refusal for return of Deposit,  overcharging nebenkosten and imaginative refurbishment costs when we were moving out ect.)