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  1. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    In order to get around this, just get IATA Travel Pass app (in the App Store or Google store. ) You will scan your Passport's chip to store document details in it ( locally on you phone, not in any database), take a selfie to confirm it is your document and than you can scan any nation's vaccination to add it to the IATA Travel Pass. I have been using it instead of CovPass since the beginning and was never questioned. Also, now when they ask you to show your ID , I just show the electronically scanned one, from the IATA Travel Pass and none ever questioned it as yet.    And if you happen to travel abroad and there is a PCR test requirement: you let the testing lab know that yo you use IATA Travel Pass and the lab will send the test result directly to your phone ( I was told they use blockchain to ensure none fakes it).  Most airliens (but not Lufthahsa who somehow has always ideas on their own) use it now so its internationally accepted.