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  1. Dog on the leash or not?

    Thanks for this, in many of those places listed I would leash my dog out of common sense anyway (restaurants , public transport, markets and fairs ect) but other are plan silly. I especially find dog banished from sun-bathing areas as weird. And as for cemeteries, i guess a story like the movie Hachiko could not have happen in Germany...  Can you also offer the list of those 25  off-leash areas that you mentioned? 
  2. Hi I live in Hesse and i have an obedient well behaved/well trained dog. Where I come from we have a concept of "in control" which means that if you have a dog under full control of the owner, this is legally equal to having the dog on a leash. Does a similar concept exist in Germany in general and in Hesse in particular?  Further , the little I managed to find on internet is that it seem OK to have dog off leash in the city but not in parks or in pedestrian areas. I can't find a logic in this...
  3. Riester Rente vs. other pension schemes

    Would anyone have some of replies to my question 4 post above?
  4. Can someone verify a rumor : I heard that if you are older than a certain age(50?) and have valid B licence you can get  a motorcycle "A" without a test?
  5. Riester Rente vs. other pension schemes

    Yes, this is the plan but  I still want to get basic understanding of those things before I make any decisions, the questions I asked are not really about crunching numbers but to understand the generic characteristics of the Riester plan...
  6. Riester Rente vs. other pension schemes

    HI am new here but I have been following several threads for some time.  Aah, I wish I’d seen this thread when I moved to Germany in 2014. Unfortunately, my employer, an International NGO was not very good in explaining the German pension system to me with result that I was under  impression that I will be getting a decent pension from German state ☹. To be fair to my employer, I am enrolled in some scheme where I pay  some % of my  salary and they contribute with something, possibly the rate is 2% me  and 4% they or 4% me and 6% they, not sure which. . I believe its administered by something called MER  and also get their contribution to Renteversischerung with 145€/month, i believe with Volkwohl Bund.   I am now contemplating Riester Rente for several reasons. My income is relatively good but my wife works part time and we are taxed commonly as 3+5 Every year , I file my taxes and need to pay some 2-3k back taxes.  Needless to say, I hate that. I understand that if I invest in Riester , I will be able to deduct what I save and thus instead of paying back to the state I actually will reduce the pain will be partially paying it to myself. I am 54 today and whereas I have decent pension scheme from the 25+ years I worked in Sweden, I “lost” the last 6 years while here in Germany.   I have been reading both this thread and some other sources and asking around and I have several questions which I would hope the good people of Toytown could help in answering.   I have heard that if you are part-time employee and consequently have very low income, like my wife, she works 20 hours per week as my salary can support both of us, than once you reach your retirement age and your pension is at minimum, than if you have Riester, the state will decrease your state pension with same amount you would be getting from Riester? (sorry, I know it sounds like a constipation theory)  Reading this thread I learned that if I retire in Sweden or Germany, I can claim full benefits but if I am thinking of  retiring somewhere warm, than I will only get parts of it? What if I stay 6 months in EU and six abroad? I took some “test shot” on Check24, typed “Riester rente” and went through a questionnaire. I selected one with no upfront payment, fonds instead of classic.  It seems that Check24 implies my top contribution can be €160.41 per months whereas reading this thread I thought it would be 175 (or 4% of my salary)?  The different options would give back offers where the guaranteed annual retirement payment will be between  1000 and 1150 while “possible” return between 1400 and 1700. I presume Check24 only have few of possibilities: would this be what is normally expected? This makes it between 100-140€ per month in added Riester retirement payouts …I also presume this is “gross” of future taxes? When I filled in the form on Check 24 I was automatically asked for my wife: does this mean I can only have one Riester per couple or can it sign up for myself but not also another saving plan for my wife? Final question: as we are already into 2020 for few month: can I make any extra payment to account for JAN-MAR ? Can I perhaps still make an extra payment for 2019?   Many thanks in advance for your feedback!