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  1. What is money?

    Money makes the world...
  2. Recieved Mahnung for bill that was paid

    Actually your insurance should handle that shit since they are also the one's who are supposed to pay the money. Contact them again and tell tthem the situation too. They also have lawyers in their offices..
  3. You might want to apply for Hartz4?! I think you are entitled:  
  4. Moving from Germany to US (Need Advice)

    Neither any experiences but i have found this company: schuhmachercargo. Seems they are spezialced on moving goods to from the states to Germany.
  5. There is actually nothing embarassing about trying and failing. Especially in Berlin. I also don't think that your hair color is the problem.. 
  6. Damage to third party car while working.

    Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. This principle also applies to the employment relationship. In Germany, under Section 276 (1) sentence 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the debtor is in principle liable for intent and any form of negligence. Unless a milder liability is determined or can be inferred from the other content of the debt relationship. The internal compensation for damages determines the extent of the employee liability. The employee's liability is limited according to the degree of fault. The employee would otherwise be exposed to the risk of ruining himself and his family financially for every slight inattention. I guess in this case we have a gross negligence. So you and your employer will probably split the costs of damage. 
  7. Door policy at the Berghain nightclub

    You ain't the first and won't be the last one. Berghain is known for its door policy...
  8. Switching banks--- any offers

    Depends on your payment methods. Whether you want a account for buying/selling shares etc. I'm with DKB. Good service but just a few stores where i can withdraw money without paying bank fees..
  9. Motorcycle stunt riding around berlin

    In the north of Lichtenberg there are many free areas and abandoned company premises. Unfortunately I do not know how it looks like there with the permission.
  10. arbeitslosengeld for non-EU workers

    What is important is the eligibility. Those affected must have completed the so-called qualifying period in order to receive ALG 1 benefits. If you were employed subject to compulsory insurance for at least twelve months within the framework period of two years before becoming unemployed, you are entitled to ALG1. For more informaiton on ALG1 or ALG2 you can look on:
  11. SOS-vekehrsrecht

    I tried it out but did not get the result i the end i had to pay
  12. There is an Important distinction between the person who switches the ad and the landlord. do not enter into any contract with the the provider. Your contractual partner would be the landlord alone. So be careful! Have a look at the apartment and then contact the landlord, if possible together with the advertiser. 
  13. Abused and sexually assaulted. How to help.

    Revenge is like a two-headed snake. While you watch your opponent go down, you get poisoned yourself.
  14. Anyone bought stuff from or

    On the website, under the tab "right of revocation" it says you have the right to revoke this contract within one month without giving reasons.
  15. British Sky+ boxes (used) available

    Anyone looking for thousands of channels (live sport, movies, documentaries) i can suggest IPTV