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  1. Hi all,   Quick question: what documents should you expect from your employer when you quit? For example, in Canada you get an ROE (Record of Employment).   Thanks so much!
  2. Hi all,   Tricky situation here. I started a job in Germany in July 2019. Two days before the end of my probation period I was told my company was extending my probation. Two days later, they never did. During this time I decided to resign. We mutually agreed on a two month notice period (my contract said 3 months). Turns out they were never going to extend it and were just threatening me and were very upset when I ended up quitting.   Anyways, I ended up sick for a lot off my leave time (I had doctors notes) and with Coronavirus I was basically forced to leave Germany two days earlier than the end of my notice period to catch a flight home (all flights were being cancelled/delayed and the border was threatening to close).   Even though I offered to continue to work from home with my personal laptop, my employer said my contract would end immediately and I would be paid up to that date (March 18th). I was supposed to finish work March 20th, but be paid out until March 31st with my accrued, yet unused vacation (7 days).   Can they not pay me my vacation now? I don't care if they don't pay those two days not worked, but I would really like my vacation payout.   Thanks!