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  1. ALG / Help for Freelancers Affected By Corona Virus?

    No, but he will be able to apply for arbeitslosengeld I or II.
  2. ALG / Help for Freelancers Affected By Corona Virus?

    It never makes sense to assume anything about peoples personal cases. If you are a freelancer registered with the Finazamt and have a registered address here I don't see any reason why you would not get the grant. I did the application and there was nothing in there about residency / EU membership. In terms of official documents etc, they just ask for your Stuer-ID and identification (passport or personal ausweiss).
  3. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    PandaMunich does an insane job on here already. People should check the source info themselves and the forum first. Here it is already written in the TT Elster Wiki: "line 4: your eTIN / any other eTINs you got from other Lohnsteuerbescheinugungen"    
  4. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Are you doing the return on Elster (digitally) or in paper form? If you're doing it digitally, then the line numbering in the TT Wiki will not make sense, but the descriptions of what's needed still does. If you need the help because you can't understand the German then you will either have to smash google translate / DeepL / dict.cc or pay someone who can help / do it for you.
  5. ALG / Help for Freelancers Affected By Corona Virus?

    Not sure about that. I would think it would have more to do with whether you've been paying taxes here or not. In other words, if you've been doing your tax returns/paying into KK/etc.  
  6. ALG / Help for Freelancers Affected By Corona Virus?

    Yeah, have just found this news: https://www.berlin.de/rbmskzl/aktuelles/pressemitteilungen/pressemitteilung.909713.php Says up to €5000 (for Freelancers with up to 5 workers I think). It's written that this one "Soforthilfe II" is for people working in cultural, tourism, sport, etc industries particularly.
  7. Does anybody have any info about freelancers being able to get financial help because of lost work due to Corona Virus? I work in a music events space, so everything got cancelled.   I found this about ALG II : https://justpaste.it/36x5f But for ALG II you need to have been a freelancer for 6+ months. I also have slightly more than the maximum €3100 savings you're allowed to have. I finished a contract job in December, but have been working freelance since then (earning €1500 per month), so I guess that would discount me from ALG I? I did call my Kranken Kasse (TK) and they allowed me to go down to the lowest fee. Any help would really be appreciated.  
  8. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Is Elster maybe freaking out?   It keeps saying that the Rechtsform des Betriebs is wrong. I'm freelance as Künstler and I'm selecting Angehörige der freien Beruf. It won't allow me to leave "Entnahmen und Einlagen im Sinne des § 4 Absatz 4a" blank (which is what I've read on here is the thing to do. As far as I can understand it is not relevant to me). Any ideas?...
  9. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    From memory there is the option to input multiple Steuerbescheinigunen in the same Anlage-N. "Weitere e-Tin" I think. Which pulls in the information that the FInazamt already has.
  10. Elster online error with EÜR 2019

    This would just seem like you havent put any income in.
  11. Freelancers and state pension contributions

    Also interested to know this. I'm a musician but also an audio engineer. As a musician I will have to pay DRV, but as an audio engineer I wont. But also not sure if at the end of the month/year if the DRV looks at income earned only with DRV liable jobs, or all income together.
  12. Things to do after changing apartment

    Does this happen automatically? Or do you have to go into the finazamt with the new anmeldung or a certain form?
  13. Hello. I applied for and received a freelancer number for the tätigkeit "Künstler" in Sept 2019. I have however started to freelance as an audio engineer since January and initially used my Künstler Steuernummer on my invoices, then switched to using my Umstatz Steuer ID on my invoices (that I received with my Künstler freelance number application)...   What would be the best course of action? A. Apply for a new freelance number for audio engineering and write on the form that I began the work from the 1st of January (ie retroactively). And then amend my invoices?   B. Apply for a new freelance number for audio engineering and say that I'm starting the job from the date of application. Then come tax time, declare January's income under my artistic / audio engineering freelance number?   I just want the least amount of potential problems... Bit worried that if I back date an application that the Finanzamt will do something weird. But I have nothing to hide so yep, just looking for a bit of clarity!
  14. "Scheinselbständigkeit" and German pension system

    Thanks for all the info in this topic and all your help overall PandaMunich. Has made a lot of problems easier for me over the years!   I have a quick question regarding question 3.9 in the V005 form. What exactly is being asked by: "Beschreiben Sie bitte Ihr unternehmerisches Handeln bezüglich eigenen Kapitaleinsatzes, eigener Kalkulation, Preisgestaltung, Werbung und Ablehnung von Aufträgen. "   I pretty much understand the German, but the technicality I'm not so clear on. Here is a link to the form if needed