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  1. help with some deductible expenses

    Hello,   i need some help regarding a tax case, i would be really thankful for any kind of help.     well for the first case , let s say i work for a company in canada, and now i came on assignment to germany :    1 - the costs incured at the auslanderbehörd amounting to approx 200€.  is it  deductible ?  i think there is something such as deduction of the expenses of the first three months ? not really sure, whether this applies to the 200€   2-  i plane to fly back twice a year to canada, the flight ticket costs 1000€, is the whole amount deductible ( 2000 € ) ? the company will cover half of the costs.    3- should i deduct the moving costs of 820 €basic allowance ?         
  2. calculation of working days

    thank you so much. so i calculated 165 now let's say i have some up coming business trips abroad. 10 days in france + 8 days in greece.   do i have to deduct the 18 days of work abroad ? this is all for the sake of calculation of commuting costs. so i multiply the 165*0,3 or (165-18)*0,3 ?  i hope that makes sense
  3. calculation of working days

    hello,   i need a small help regarding the calculation of working days.  so let's say a person is starting work at the 1st of march and managed to arrange a a 5 weeks holiday ? how much are the working days ? so i take in considration public holidays ?    this will help me calculation the commuting costs as well-    thank youuu so much, i would appreciate any kind of help