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  1. Job Hunt in Munich

    Yes worked on some project in Pharma at the beginning of my career so this is the industry I have been focusing on so far but no luck yet. Thanks for the link to the advice line! Anna
  2. Job Hunt in Munich

      I don’t have any experience working in Germany and i focus my applications on multinationals. A hospital Project manager ie implementing new IT systems with hospitals for prescribing notes etc etc 
  3. Job Hunt in Munich

    Thank you for your advice. I will try tailoring the resume with keywords from the job advert. I have been warned that HR here are quite bad so to try and find contacts in the companies instead! 
  4. Job Hunt in Munich

      I only have my Bachelor and Masters University certificate plus B2 german certificate. All of my project management and business analyst skills were learnt through experience and years on the job...
  5. Job Hunt in Munich

    Hi everyone, i moved to Munich with my husband at the end of last year and am in the hunt for a professional job. As a hospital project manager back home I was told there were heaps of jobs in Munich and finding one wouldn’t be a problem. I have been applying in Pharma mainly however, so far I have only received rejections. I have refined my application documents along the way which includes - using the German format lebenslauf and cover letter which I have written in German and english (depending on the job) -creating an account on Xing which I am told is more popular than LinkedIn here -I can speak intermediate german which I have also included, will include my B2 certificate at the end of next month once i sit exam.   Does anyone have any tips they can add? thanks for your help! 😊😊😊 Anna