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  1. Switching electricity contract

    Thanks for all the explanation folks! My notice period is only one month which is good. One more thing with E.ON I have all all communication digitally with them. Would that be the same for other providers as well or I'll have to rely on the good old letters?
  2. Hi, right now I'm using E.ON as my electricity supplier because they had a nice deal back then due to corporate benefits but now they are going to be tad enpensive compared to some other providers. My question is do I need to cancel contract with them first before applying to the new supplier or I can just sign a new contract with a new supplier and they will automatically cancel my previous contract?   The reason for this seemingly stupid question is to avoid double contracts or end up having no provider if I mess something up.   Thanks.
  3. Tax on Shares/ETF sale/profit

    @Straightpoop Thanks for all the info!   @GaryC It doesn't look like much for a year but over the period of 30-40 years I think it will be quite substantial.
  4. Tax on Shares/ETF sale/profit

    Thanks for all the replies. If I'm understanding it right selling for profit is perfectly all right but selling for loss just to reduce the tax bill isn't, am I right? Another thing, since the actual settlement of shares takes place after two days would that impact if I sell on 31st Dec to take advantage of the exemption?
  5. Tax on Shares/ETF sale/profit

    Hi all,   I have a question regarding tax exemption of 801 Euros per year against profit from share sales. Can I take advantage of that even though I plan to hold the shares but just want to reduce my overall tax. For example, during some time at the end of the year I sell the shares and rebuy them immediately to register the profit or loss to take advantage of the exemption rather than continue to hold them and then pay higher taxes years down the road when I sell them say after retirement? Is this legal or considered cheating?