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  1. Tax Credit for Relocation

    Hi,   I moved to a new flat and since it's an unfurnished one, I'm still in the process of furnishing it. My question is can I claim tax credit for relocation? I know that you can claim it if you're moving for a job or if it reduces your distance to a job by an hour. Honestly speaking, I had to move but at the same time I already signed up for a new job but it will begin in January and the new location is indeed closer but definitely won't make it shorter by an hour. If yes, what kind of expenses can I claim? Just movement or like other furnishings like paying for someone to install the kitchen etc?   Thanks.
  2. Landlady not replying to termination

  3. Landlady not replying to termination

    Do they communicate/respond in English? And what fees are we looking at?   P.S. Just took a closer look at the termination confirmation she sent. The signature on the confirmation is different from that of what we have on rental contract. This keeps getting complicated.
  4. Landlady not replying to termination

      I understand and to be honest I wouldn't want to do that but I'm truly worried that I won't get in contact with her even if I stayed until Oct, let alone Sep. I actually started to believe that even the handover won't happen and I'll have to drop the keys to her letter box. So, there's less for getting/adjusting the kaution afterwards. If she ever conacts me after I'll gladly address her concerns regarding any claims for damages etc. Do you think if worse comes to worse, to protect my self against wrong damage claims should I take photos of the apartment before dropping the keys to her mail box?   It's a really bad situation and I really wished I wasn't in it. Another thing that makes me worried is I have to sign self disclosure for new apartments and it pinches me when I select that I never withold rent, which is neither truth nor a lie due to this.  
  5. Landlady not replying to termination

      Yes, we sent the email in the beg. of July but she didn't read it. Sent many whatsapp messages to which she replied once with okay on 30th Sep. And then no peep from her.   Contacting her is and has been the issue since the beginning. Messages aren't being delivered to her. Even I'm worried about my kaution.
  6. Landlady not replying to termination

      So, I checked my mail box today and I got a confirmation letter from her. In the letter she accepted that the lease termination will begin from 01.07.2020 and the last day will be 30.10.2020.   Is it really the case that lease termination starts from next month? I have looked on the internet and so far I found that it includes the month of notice as well upto 3rd working day. So, I'm good with 30th Sep as my last day?
  7. Landlady not replying to termination

      I haven't yet received the official confirmation. Just a whatsapp message but she also a month back said okay about 30th Sep being the last day.   Can I hold my rent because I'm worried that I won't be able to get my deposit back in this situation? And also if worse comes to worse and I won't have any contact with her and I need to leave the apartment say 30th Sep. How should I handover the keys/property? Should I just drop it in her mailbox?
  8. Landlady not replying to termination

      Could be but he says he's there for months and she used to visit this place every 15 days. What's actually baffling is my flat mate is saying when he asked him to call her from his no. the word 'Wifey' appeared on her phone. I mean I don't know and I don't care but still I don't know what to do next since we can't reach her again.   I need to look for a new place but I'm not sure how to proceed.
  9. Landlady not replying to termination

    Hi,   Thanks for following up and asking. Sorry, I didn't reply earlier because I was out of station. Anyway, before leaving I talked with cops but so far haven't heard from them yet. So, me and my flat mate actually personally delivered the termination notice to her address. Strangely another guy was living there saying she rented this flat to him and is no longer here and he couldn't get in contact with her as well.   Nevertheless, my flat mate received a whatsapp reply from her after a day or so saying that we will get the confirmation in a couple of days but the move out date will be 30.10.2020 because when you give notice it begins from the next month even though you sent it on 1st July. I'm not sure if that's true or valid. Nevertheless, we tried to reach her again on whatsapp but can't. The messages ares still not delivering to her.
  10. Landlady not replying to termination

      He's saying that he will continue to pay until the contract end but like I said he will be leaving in two months regardless. I'm also worried what in the worst case he doesn't even pay the rent and try to cover with the deposit/kaution. I mean stakes are much higher for me and than for him in any case.   As for finding the relatives/neighbours. She doesn't live anywhere close by and we just have her address from the contract.
  11. Landlady not replying to termination

      Our contract is unlimited.
  12. Landlady not replying to termination

    Thanks everyone for the responses.   I'll send a registered letter as soon as possible. Regarding having a witness and personal delivery, I think that might not be possible due to COVID times and because the landlady doesn't live close by. Getting a neutral person who's not related to me is impossible. I'm wondering can I involve cops? I'm not talking about any legal proceedings or complainst but just to check on her if she's all right? It's definitely not typical of her to not reply.   Another question is will my 3 month period start from Aug or Sep as suggested earlier since I haven't yet delivered an official notice and it's already 4th?  What's the worse that can happen to me provided that the notice period starts from Sep and my flat mate would have left regardless. Would I also have to bear his burden or responsible for his actions? There are no sublet etc. we both pay directly. Would I still be able to/should stay and pay my dues only? I'm specifically asking because I don't want to end up in a situation where there's no response and I start a new contract someplace else but then I have to stay longer at my present address.
  13. Landlady not replying to termination

    Hi,   My flat mate is leaving for his home country and he sent a notice of termination by email to the owner of the flat. She didn't reply for quite sometime so we both at different times tried to contact heron phone and left whatsapp messages. We were getting worried that if she's all right or not and was almost at the verge of contacting the cops to check on her, she replied on whatsapp. She asked my flat mate on what will be the last date and said okay she will send the confirmation shortly.   It's almost 10 days now and she again stop replying to email/whatsapp/calls. What are our options now? It's been a month after he sent the first notice via email. Also, I should mention that she signed the combined contract with both of us. My assumption is that I don't have to give her a separate notice, am I right?   What can we do now? I'm specially worried because I'm staying in Germany and will have to look for a new flat/room. I'm not going to stay in the same apartment as it's quite big and expensive for just me. What if she doesn't reply at all knowing that she already has my kaution? Or I'm just worrying too much about it?   P.S. I should also mention that the land lady is generally very nice and always responded to our queries/concerns promptly. I just don't know what happened. Recent whatsapp message isn't even delivered to her.   Thanks.