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  1. Hi, I'm looking for any advisor or visa support agency/consultant to guide me with options available to me in case I want to bring my parent as dependents. I know this is much more difficult  than spouse and I may need to pay all the necessary social security/insurance contributions which is fair. I just wanted to know my prospects because I'm supporting them in my home country and I would feel much better if they are with me. Anyway, the question is I don't see any such advisors/agency in this subforum as I can see for finance/tax advisors. Could someone point me in the right direction, obviously I'm looking for English speaking consultants/advisors.   Thanks.
  2. Ikea delivery to home

      Nice will try that when they come. Also cheaper then sending First Class tickets to @LunaCH.  
  3. Ikea delivery to home

      Would it okay if I send you the DB tickets? J/K, seems like I need to ask couple of friends to come over then, it just seems strange to me that they don't put on to the desired place.
  4. Ikea delivery to home

      That kind of a deal breaker because I'm 100% sure I won't be able to move it to my Kitchen on my own.
  5. Ikea delivery to home

    Hi,   I want to order a refrigerator online from Ikea and under the delivery options I see they are only delivering to the door due to current situation. Can someone tell me what delivery to do the door means in this instant? Will they just leave it outside of the apartment building or deliver it to my apartment door/floor but not inside?   I can understand about other furniture but I highly doubt I can be able to move the refrigerator on my own to any room. Does anyone has a recent experience?   I know it may sound trivial to many of you but this is my first experience furnishing the apartment on my own.   Thanks.
  6. Left over leaves after resigning

    Thanks a lot folks for sharing your feedback on the matter. I think I have a good idea now. The only concern I think I still have is my notice period ends on year end so this was a bit confusing for me. As for what my contract says, here it is: "Any existing vacation entitlements and any claims for compensation shall be credited in the case of an irrevocable exemption".It's listed under the notice period and employment termination section.   Seems like I'm entitled to receive the payout but who knows. I totally understand and agree that off-time has nothing to do with vacation days but in this situation I would prefer not to waste all the vacation days sitting at home. That was the only reason and hence I was looking to see what are my options.    
  7. Left over leaves after resigning

    Okay, does that mean I can take some holidays like say 1 day every week or so but not the whole, will that make a difference? Asking because for carry over leaves if I remember correctly the wording is some thing like either due to personal or professional reasons the employee haven't taken the leaves it can carry over to March.   I know this much that my company has paid out when the employee hasn't taken the leaves but all the examples I know of they left in the middle of year not until the end like me. That's why I'm confused. I can't ask the employer because they will certainly force me to take the leaves no matter what like they tried to other employees. It's just an accident that couple of employees flights were cancelled that they didn't go on vacation and actually received the payout.
  8. Left over leaves after resigning

    Hi,   Am I entitled to get paid for my left over leaves after resignation if I leave at 31st Dec? I know that you get paid for left over leaves if you resign in the middle of the year but I'm not sure about what happens if the year is also ended. I also know that the leaves carry over to March of next year but obviously I won't be working next year so I'm confused with that.   The reason I'm asking is because I wanted to go on vacation in December but now with the increase in COVID cases and uncertainty around lockdowns if I leave the country. I don't want to take any risk and it will be quite boring/bad if I take the leaves and stay at home. I know that my company will force me to take leaves but in these circumstances I think it will just be a waste.   Thanks.
  9. Tax Credit for Relocation

    Hi,   I moved to a new flat and since it's an unfurnished one, I'm still in the process of furnishing it. My question is can I claim tax credit for relocation? I know that you can claim it if you're moving for a job or if it reduces your distance to a job by an hour. Honestly speaking, I had to move but at the same time I already signed up for a new job but it will begin in January and the new location is indeed closer but definitely won't make it shorter by an hour. If yes, what kind of expenses can I claim? Just movement or like other furnishings like paying for someone to install the kitchen etc?   Thanks.
  10. Landlady not replying to termination

  11. Landlady not replying to termination

    Do they communicate/respond in English? And what fees are we looking at?   P.S. Just took a closer look at the termination confirmation she sent. The signature on the confirmation is different from that of what we have on rental contract. This keeps getting complicated.
  12. Landlady not replying to termination

      I understand and to be honest I wouldn't want to do that but I'm truly worried that I won't get in contact with her even if I stayed until Oct, let alone Sep. I actually started to believe that even the handover won't happen and I'll have to drop the keys to her letter box. So, there's less for getting/adjusting the kaution afterwards. If she ever conacts me after I'll gladly address her concerns regarding any claims for damages etc. Do you think if worse comes to worse, to protect my self against wrong damage claims should I take photos of the apartment before dropping the keys to her mail box?   It's a really bad situation and I really wished I wasn't in it. Another thing that makes me worried is I have to sign self disclosure for new apartments and it pinches me when I select that I never withold rent, which is neither truth nor a lie due to this.  
  13. Landlady not replying to termination

      Yes, we sent the email in the beg. of July but she didn't read it. Sent many whatsapp messages to which she replied once with okay on 30th Sep. And then no peep from her.   Contacting her is and has been the issue since the beginning. Messages aren't being delivered to her. Even I'm worried about my kaution.
  14. Landlady not replying to termination

      So, I checked my mail box today and I got a confirmation letter from her. In the letter she accepted that the lease termination will begin from 01.07.2020 and the last day will be 30.10.2020.   Is it really the case that lease termination starts from next month? I have looked on the internet and so far I found that it includes the month of notice as well upto 3rd working day. So, I'm good with 30th Sep as my last day?