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  1. Question regarding sick leave payment.

    Hi Leon,   Thank you for your reply.   I am wondering, though, don't they still have to pay me for the days that my boss didn't include me on Dienstplan?   I was not included in Dienstplan from 28.10~.08.11 due to sick leave. Where I think I'm supposed to be getting paid for these days as well.
  2. Hey guys, I currently living in Mainz, and working at restaurant as part-time. Sorry, it's going to be little bit long. Last year, I was sick on mid August for couple of days, and then got sick again on mid September. And on Mid October, I had to have small surgery, and wasn't allow to work until 8th November. I have given my Krankenmeldung to my boss or managers right away when I have received one.   On September, my boss rejected my Krankenmeldung, and instead, he used my Urlaub for my sick leave. And I was not paid a single cent for August~November's sick leave. I have told my boss that I have not received sick payment, but he ignored me. On end of October, he asked me if he could use my Urlaub, and I said 'Yes' this is due to I was 100% sure that I won't be getting paid for my sick leave. I should've said 'No' but if I didn't say 'yes', I wouldn't be able to pay for my rent. I also chopped part of my finger off (Thank god my bone wasn't damaged) at work while cutting carrot, and was told to go see doctor by chef in the kitchen. Most likely my boss just put 'frei' on that day and didn't do the procedure for Berufgenossenschaft. My Manager is the one that treated my wound, and also informed other manager that I am going to see doctor during my break. I wasn't allowed to work for about 2 weeks. Of course, I have given the Krankenmeldung to my managers on the day I have received it. Yet, I only got paid for 5 days of sick leave. And, so I have been contacting our Geschäftsführer, regarding such problem. After several weeks, finally he has replied that he will pay for my sick leave for September~October, 5 hours worth for each day even though on Dienstplan, I would be working 6~10 hours each days. On my contract, it says I can work up to 25 hours per week, which is probably why? For November, my boss didn't include me in Dienstplan, because I wasn't able to work until 8th November.   Regarding Berufgenossenschaft, my friend called them on behalf of me, and they said they'll get the reports from my D-Arzt, and I don't need to do anything. But I haven't received anything from them, but on my payslip for last month, I have a feeling I was paid a little bit more than I actually worked, so maybe they did pay me? I have already went to Arbeitsamt and they told me it's not their job to help me with this problem. Question is: ・Do they only need to pay me 5 hours for each day, even though on Dienstplan I would be working 6~10 hours?   ・Do they not need to pay me if they didn't included me in Dienstplan (I have given Krankenmeldung before they made plan for November) ・I wish to use Urlaub so then I would have more time to find new job, but my boss told me I haven't worked so I have no Urlaub. (I have been working here since July 2018, and my restaurant give out 30 days of holidays) ・Is it possible for me to have Arbeitslosengeld? I have New Zealand citizenship with work permit Visa, I have heard you can't get Arbeitslosengeld if you're foreigner any more. But I can't find search information on internet. Thank you, and sorry if it's quite hard to understand, I haven't really used English properly for a while.