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  1. I used it twice, once an iphone and I paid 20 euro, next time a medium size backpack full of clothes and I paid 50. There is not fixed price, you need to agree with the person traveling.
  2. I have used:  and this is basically the same:   Good luck!
  3. Landlord refuses to sign Anmeldung Form

    Hi, long time ago I had the same situation. Just went to the Rathaus and told them: I live here now, I don't have a clear finish date of the contract, 1 month initially, may extend another month or not, depends on finding a flat. The landlord doesn't want to sing the paper so I leave it on your hands. They wrote something on the form and registered me. 45 days later I moved out and went again to update it. Good luck!
  4. Changing jobs on a Blue Card

      exactly this, takes you one morning to do it and better safe than sorry
  5. Would this be a potential copyright issue (seems...maybe)?

    Basically, we all, have no idea, and we are all guessing  
  6. Relevant visa for South American wife of UK citizen

    Hi, as always posting here let me start clarifying I'm not an expert, just sharing opinions and chatting Your post is a bit confusing... - you need nothing of course because you are UK national - your wife is Peruvian, so she needs a tourist visa...brexit or not brexit the visa is the same - but then you say she applied and got an EEA/swiss national is she European passport holder? then she needs no visa... so...confusing for me Good luck!
  7. Would this be a potential copyright issue (seems...maybe)?

    Hi,  as always when I post here, let me start saying Im not an expert, lawyer or similar, just an opinion here. I would say there is no problem doing that, just go ahead and do it. Your client got the belt, let's assume it an authentic one and he is "re purposing" it. I see no problem on that. Is not that you are setting up a factory to make thousands of them. Also nobody will chase you for a single one. Good luck!
  8. Hi, I understand you won't have no problem, the abmeldung makes no difference. I would advise to get some form of travel health insurance just in case anybody asks. But of course, before anybody jumps to insult me...let me tell you I am not an expert on law or inmigration good luck!
  9. Changing residence permit after seperation.

    Hi, probably, not an expert, you can apply for a blue card. Are things so bad with her so she won't cooperate and stay together for another year? Good Luck!
  10. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Unfortunately I have no control over that. Some stuff is quite special and can't be produced here. Anyways, if I could, the questions reminds, what if my German provider just refuses to provide an invoice? In the hypothetical case, what would happen? Is there a way to justify this? for 100 euro is ok but when you run a business that has big cost and small margin the impact of that could be I was wondering what would happen in that case.
  11. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Yes, that is my understanding/common sense...thou I don't know how "in real life" this works...the provider can refuse the invoice, the provider could give me an invoice that is not so "legal" , the tax office can refuse to take it because it's on a different language, etc. Then I would end paying tax over an amount over a much bigger. I wanted to know if anybody had any practical case/experience on this.  
  12. English speaking accountants in Berlin

    Hi, sorry for hijacking your post, but I have a question that is somehow related to the latest conversation about tax deductions.   Lets suppose I am a freelancer. I buy x articule, paint it and sell it again for a higher price. So whatever I pay for x is a cost of doing business, correct? So, I buy x for $100, paint it (suppose paint is free of cost) and sell it for $120. I sell only once on a given year. So at the end of the year I go to the tax office and I say: my sales are $120, but my cost was $100, so the tax I need to pay is for the $20 profit only. Again assume I have nothing to deduct from tax. So my question/problem is: my provider selling this x at $100 doesn't provide an invoice or the invoice is not official or the provider is outside europe and the invoice is on a different language. Will the tax office say: this invoice is not good so you have to pay tax for $120? will they "understand" if I show them that I made payments for $100? is there any way to make sure all will be ok if I find myself on that situation? Anybody had any similar experience? Thanks!
  13. Company based in UK while living in Germany, tax implications

    exactly, she first moved to Germany, once here had this idea to sell this technical documents, so started writing them and selling on a simple web the beginning was only 1 or 2 per month (50 euros each) but now it is growing and she is asking herself what should be done to declare this income in a more "tidy" way. 
  14. Company based in UK while living in Germany, tax implications

    Hi, thank you for your help and info, yes, when I say company I mean a self employed business.
  15. Hi, thank you, in advance, for your help. Dropping here a question to get as much info as possible while I wait for the appointment with the tax expert   The situation is as follows:  A a british citizen setup a company in the UK in 2021, after moving to Germany in the same year, to sell online some technical documents he created. This is a very small, hobby like, company, doing it on the side of her job.  She doesn't pay tax in the UK since the income is less than 12.000 (personal allowance aprox) per year. My questions are: - does she need to declare that income on Germany? - will that income be taxed in Germany? how is that "contradicting" with the personal allowance in the UK? -finally, does she need to setup a company or register herself as freelance also in Germany to be able to declare that income?   Any info will be appreciated.