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  1. Lawyer threatening with a lawsuit for an online review

    Hi, well, I have learnt that people in Germany have sort of fetich for lawsuit. Also learnt that they never do it, at teast normal people, maybe in this case a lawyer has the time to go for it. Everybody tends to be so scared about "legal letters". Time ago I have received a letter about downloading some movie and asking me to pay 450 euro of something horrible will happen. My friends and co workers we are advising me to get legal advise and pay for it. I just put the letter in the bin and never paid. Nothing happened, at all.   Good luck!
  2. Working in another EU country. Is it possible?

    Hi, I am not an lawyer, just talking from my personal and friend's experience: 1. Can I work in other EU countries with the bluecard I got when I came to Germany? the short answer is no, however if you have a company you can provide services somewhere else, for example. You can be a full time employee of an Italian company, but you could provide english classes to the same company and billing them from Germany, thus paying all taxes in Germany.   2. What happens to my pension contributions I made while working in Germany? 3. What happens to my health insurance contributions I made while working in Germany? nothing, as far as I know, you paid, it is the past.   4. Will I lose my bluecard if I accept a job in another EU country? I think so, your blue card is tied to be working (usually to a certain emplyeer) so leaving the job and the country leads to losing the blue said you are looking for a job, take into account that you can be a max of 3 months looking for a job without risking your blue card...more than that will get you in trouble.   5. What other things should I need to be aware of before taking this step? basically if you leave you will lose what you built in Germany, in term of future residency and naturalization. I don't know what you mean by " Niederlassungserlaubnis but the process is still in its infancy stage ". ...already 33 months and A1? or 24 and B1?   Hope it helps!
  3. Advice Remote Work in another EU Country

    Hi my advice after been working here many times and having heard many stories from friends. 1- whatever HR promises and says: get it in written before even thinking of moving.  2- ask them to support and clarify: health insurance, taxation, etc Good luck!
  4. Hi, that happened to me too, that was my "welcome to Germany"...I signed a contract and when I check it says I can't move until the 10th of the month, when I asked the landlord said: if don't like it go somewhere else. Landlords tend to be shit everywhere, but I had mostly bad experiences here. Of course they will deduct something from the deposit. My last one told me that changing the toilet seat was mandatory after I leave and needs to be deducted from my deposit. Good luck!
  5. Moneyfarm closing in Germany

    Ok, I will try again.   I have received an email from Moneyfarm saying that they are closing their operation in Germany. While they are suggesting another company, I would like to know your opinion on  online investing platforms. I am looking for found managements, not me choosing stocks or index, I want management I would like to use something that is not full of paperwork and can be easily done on an app. I want to open the account online. I don't want to speak with people on the phone. I don't care about prices or savings.   Do you have a platform to recomend? if not just move along ;)    
  6. Moneyfarm closing in Germany

    Moneyfarm is backed by Allianz, not so sure I would call it an obscure company... is not about being suspicious of "traditional banking", it is about convenience. I don't want to fill in papers, go to the branch and spend time to open an account. I don't want to receive papers and papers, I want to have a convenient way to check my investments. It is called 21 century, you know. Old generations, with their fear of technology, have time to do all that...I prefer to make 2 taps on my phone and invest my savings.  
  7. Moneyfarm closing in Germany

    Hi, this morning I have received an email from Moneyfarm saying that they are closing their operation in Germany. While they are suggesting another company, I would like to know your opinion on  online investing platforms. I am looking for found managements, not me choosing stockts. I would like to use something that is not full of paperwork and can be easily done on an app.   Any experiences? Thanks!    
  8. New German driver's license and renting a car

    Hi, I was on a similar situation time ago. I solved it just asking the driving license office if they could make a written statement for me explaining I had another country's driver license for 10 years. They did a super oficial looking document (5 pages) explaining all and adding copies of my original one. Never had a problem when renting a car. Good luck!
  9. Working in the EU with a Aufenthalstitel

    Hi, first let me tell you I am not a lawyer...but I understand that you can't move to Ireland, for example, but if you are based in Germany and are registered as freelancer/have your own company, you are free to offer your services to anybody regardless location. As soon as you pay taxes in Germany all will be ok, I think...I have a couple of friends doing similar, they offer training services all over Europe (online or short trips). Good luck!    
  10. Unemployment benefits as Non EU National

    Sorry, no idea about unemployment benefits. So, people can claim benefits when unemployed,  until you are not unemployed there is nothing to claim, so potentially you will be able to do so after April 2021... So nothing to worry/think about now...your actual company will be paying your salary until april. What happens in april 2021 regarding benefits, I dont know, I mean, I have never needed so not much experience.   If by then your permanent residence didn't go trough maybe you won't want to apply for benefits so you can show a solid economic position..but it is all speculation now  
  11. Unemployment benefits as Non EU National

    Hi, as far as I understand, and as always I am not a lawyer, what your boss told you is irrelevant. My boss promised to give me a bonus, should I pay more taxes now? NO, I need to have the money in my account to pay taxes, right?   So as for what I see, at this moment you are employeed, next month you will be too. They may terminate your contract in April or not..who knows?  If you give you a notice (meaning you sign a document) that will be a bit different...but still can change in the future, correct?  So I mean, you are out of job when you have no job and you are sitting at home. When you were officially terminated.   Of course if things doesn't look great you can start looking for a job now. But as I see it you are still working so you can present your aplication as a worker and based on facts, not on informal conversations. If, and only if, during the time they are considering your applications your are officially fired, then ok you should communicate this to the immigration office...but as I see you will be finished with the permanent residence before April next year.   Good luck!
  12. Hi well I am not an expert, but if you check here: Leben In Deutschland is mentioned...however I just review the documents I have sent for a friend and we never included that. I guess also depends on the city, because  in Munich as you can see here they have slightly different requirements. and Leben in Deustschland is not mentioned. I do remember helping a friend in Munich and we just ticked the box that reads "I have knowledge of the social and political organization in DE" and that was it. I think I remember that having a blue card waives you from that requirement since it is assumed you are a highly educated person that got a grasp of the system in Germany during your 33 months.   The tricky situation is that when you present your documents you have no job. I guess that could lead to a rejection or waiting time until you have a job or pass the provation period. Probably defined somewhere in the law or up the the case worker, no idea. I think, and again I am not an expert, the best course of action would be to prepare a nice folder, with all the required documents (include copies of all) and add all extra suporting documents you can think of (bank statement, savings, letter from landlord, letter from former boss, etc) and apply.  If your leben in DE will be ready in a couple of days just wait, if not just apply and you could even add a letter stating that you will submit it later...just ideas. Please take some time and read all of this: they should be able to assist you, but they won't educate you...the more you know the better position you are. Good luck
  13. Blue Card withdrawn Berlin

    at the end it is about good service, they should provide a better service than just stamping papers
  14. Hi, let me share my my experience and that of my friends I have helped on this...not that I am an legal expert. You said you been in DE 3 years, so if you have a basic level of language skills (A1) you should be able to apply now. Anyways, you mentioned that you are waiting for the results of "Leben In Deutschland"...I don't remember needing that at all. Why you did it? Regarding: 1. Is there a way to extend the 3 months window that's granted to search for another job? I know a person who, in early corona times, asked formally for more time and was granted 3 more months. She showed financial resources when requesting it. You should keep good track of your job applications, collect names, phones, print emails and letters, and basically have a diary of your job search efforts so you can eventually say "I need more time but look, I made a big effort to get a job". Just a suggestion.   2. When I find another job, will my current bluecard status stay intact. Meaning, will I be able to apply for Niederlassungserlaubnis after I clear the probation period at the new company? Yes, I understand that is the case.   4. If I get a job in Netherlands or anywhere else in Europe, can I use the same German bluecard or do I've to reinitiate the procedure there? Unfortunately not. 5. I've good amount of savings. Is there a way I can use them to my leverage & still get Niederlassungserlaubnis after termination? Not really, but definitelly add this to the application as an "extra documentation" 6. Can my savings be of any help in my current situation? if your savings are 100k not...but if your saving are 20 million you can easily buy an Maltese passport ;)   Good luck!  
  15. Blue Card withdrawn Berlin

    well having helped many friends to apply for blue cards and permanent residency I have a pretty good idea also have seen, myself, how officers don't explain details/help applicants