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  1. Unfortunately this is how it works. The guy checking is a poor nobody that likes exercising his small power to feel better. The system is shit and nobody cares. The company is doing nothing to improve it. Welcome.
  2. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    did you check this ?
  3. NE of long term resident invalid after study abroad?!

    Hi, you are saying: " noticed my NE card expired and I asked the office for appointment to renew it. They told me actually it expired because I was out of the country more than 6 months. " can you detail a bit more? You have a expiry date on your card? if so, where did you go to apply for a new one? what did they ask? what was your answer?   I have the feeling that the card expired a couple of months ago, when renewing they asked why you are renewing it now that is 2 months expired, you said: because I was outside the country... Should have said:" I just noticed yesterday" and now you would be ok... Didn't they notice it was expired when you arrived at the airport?  
  4. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

    I had helped many friends and colleagues with their blue cards and permanent residences, and regarding to the language requirements I could say it is a bit of luck. One did an online course and spoke a bit when dropping all the documents and was ok, no questions asked and his permanence residence granted. Another sent the documents by never spoke a word of German, but included A1 certificate. My girlfriend's sister had no certificate but she has a good command of the language and had no problem.
  5. I am not an expert on insurance...but I have my doubts that your personal liability insurance will cover building structural problems...
  6. Bad experience with ZAB

    hahahah as if doing a masters degree on computer science takes 20 min... good thing here is if she is planning to work here for 99%  of the computer development related jobs you don't need a degree or recognized qualification, just experience and if that is the case she will be ok good luck!
  7. Accused of selling damaged goods

    Hi, I don't know what are the terms and conditions of FB marketplaces...I guess it is completely informal and you sell things are they are. If I were you I would just ignore her. Of course people will tell you that she can sue you and ruin your life...ignore them too Good luck!
  8. Illegal Subrenting

    Hi,  did you speak with the actual owner of the flat? maybe he is a sensible person and can help you clarify the situation?  I wouldn't leave any valuable stuff there, not passports, credit cards, etc. Leave them at the office or with friends?
  9. Don‘t mess about- Private Haftpflicht insurance

    In Germany, after  the love for insurance comes the love for horrible consequences that will happen if you don't have insurance. If she is driving a car the 3 party liability should cover her case, I understand.
  10. well...I was about to add: keep the place tidy and leave your valuables out of reach but guesses that was way too obvious.
  11. Hi, here you have some info:,is%20already%20married%20or%20not.   May be easier to get married somewhere else, like Denmark (if I don't remember wrong) where the marriage process is much easier. Same as some states in USA (Florida for example). Then once married apply for her visa. Anyways this is just one idea...I guess you already have an appointment with an immigration expert that can show you all the possibilities you have and advise on the best way to do it. Good luck!  
  12. Hi, I would say he wants to be there to "sell" the place and make sure he can highlight the best of the place? You could ask him to not to go and offer to "sell" the place? Also if this is about corona you can also just go out and leave them inside? Good luck!
  13. Hi, I guess you will need to register as freelancer in Berlin for tax reasons and pay taxes in Germany at the end of the year. Doesn't matter where your clients are, as far as I know. Health insurance I think you will need, private one is cheaper. Before some ass**** comes here to tell me I am wrong: this is just based on my experience/friend's experiences.   Good luck!
  14. German tax for property sold overseas

    Hi, my feeling here, not being a tax expert, is that if you follow all rules you will loose lot of money. Try to get a mortgage here, rent your house there. As soon as you involve "experts" they make money and you loose...this is true in my experience with "normal" people like us, of course millionaires will sell property and move money with no problems. Good luck!
  15. Hi,  just an anecdote here, with one friend we were traveling from Austria to Germany and he has his blue card only, no passport. The police checked the bus and they said that the card without the passport is not good/valid. He was questioned where he lives and why traveling and was let go. Sadly I think that skin color, religion, country of origin, etc did play a role...I am sure things would have been different if that was different. Good luck!