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  1. Divorce for foreigner couple for Non-EU

    Well, this may not sound but as a foreigner living in Germany you need to accept the "whole package". You like the good transport system, the health system, the work-related security you enjoy...but you don't like the divorce laws. It is all or nothing my friend. 
  2. Freelance while employee

    if you will be based in Germany you just need to pay taxes of that income and that is it.
  3. Working in Switzerland living in Germany

      Hi, thank you for your comments. It makes complete sense. The situation arises because she doesn't need to go to the office every day, only maybe 2 or 3 days per week. So she was exploring the chance to buy a house in  Germany and maybe live there. Just random ideas. Thanks
  4. Working in Switzerland living in Germany

      Hi, thanks for your answer. At this point, I am focusing on if the residence permit B requires you are registered and living in Switzerland or not.  Taxation, insurance, cars, etc are to analyse later. No point to think of those if you are not allowed to live somewhere else while holding a B residence permit.
  5. Hi, I am creating this post because I have been trying to find information on an official Swiss website and couldn't find it. I am contacting the authorities but meanwhile, I would like to know if anybody here had a similar experience.   Let's suppose that a person has a Swiss residence permit B, she is from England, and has a job contract in Switzerland. She wants to rent and live in Germany and commute to her work in Switzerland daily. Some people told me: because of your residence permit, you HAVE to live in Switzerland. Some other people told me that this is irrelevant, you may want to travel from Japan every morning if you want. So I am trying to get an official answer to this. Do you have any experience on this? any link to share? Thanks!  
  6. Hi,  I know it is lockdown time and we should be at home and refrain from all non-essential travel. But I have to travel to Berlin from Munich at some point next week, no way out of it. My question is: anybody here did travel recently? I see flights and trains available. Any proof of the reason for traveling is needed? Again: I know the situation, so save your time if you are going to ask me to stay at home.   Thanks for sharing!
  7.   I am, as (i guess) everybody else here, not an expert...but you could work in Austria while living in Germany, so you don't lose it.
  8. Job loss on working visa- need to inform Ausländerbehörde?

    Hi, just some ideas, of course I am not an expert, just to help you think: - did you check that receiving Arbeitslosengeld will not impact your status in the future? - as far as I know, if you are on a blue card and get laid off you have to get a new job in 3 months time, otherwise, it is not valid anymore - the Ausländerbehörde will get the information soon or later, so if I were you I would notify them and let them know that you are looking for a job, show them you have a real chance to get a job, attach some applications you've made and emails from employers.   Good luck!
  9. Freelance while employee

    Here you have the contact information, a phone and a fax number also a form to contact them Be careful, you don't want to have problems in the future for a few euros now. I mean, I don't think you can "negotiate" this 2 years, but if you can make sure you have full back up and not just an email... Good luck!
  10. PhD relocation assistance and tax refund

    Hi, you can claim next year a tax refund for the moving expenses, you should keep all documents related just in case. I use this platform to do my tax they have a lot of info and the support is great. Good luck!
  11. Freelance while employee

    I understand that under the blue card you can't have another job on the side, but not sure, you better check that first.
  12. Ausländerbehörde refuses proof of income

    Hi, I have helped some friends with their visa applications, what I always did is: - for all the required documents you have an official one, no print outs, if it is a bank statement they are asking for I go to the bank and ask for it. - for all the required documents, always present more than requested, if they ask for 2 months I get 3 months. - I guess what is the "spirit" or need behind and prepare an "extra documents" folder adding any extra document I can think of supporting the required document. - all required documents are translated into German - for all documents I included copies as well as originals, even if not asked   hope it helps
  13. Bosses on the back ;) surgery getting me fired?

    You believe you have a "normal" contract? well the first step here is to clarify that. Are you employed by an agency/company or they are some family friends?  
  14. Student residence permit extension and Coronovirus

    Hi! I am not an immigration expert...just sharing my point of view here: 1) given the situation, where there are no flights, buses or trains, leaving the country now is almost impossible. Then I would send a letter + email + fax explaining you want to comply and leave but there is no way to leave. Just to show you want to comply but is not practically possible. Ask them to contact you and guide you. or 2) to be on the safe side, if you can travel, just go home, study for your defense and came back when everything is normal.   Just my ideas Good luck!  
  15. No application for a Niederlassungserlaubnis possible

    Hi, well I would challenge this, I think they are wrong. The salary level for the blue card was: - 2018 -> 52.000 - 2019 -> 53.600 - 2020 -> 55.200 As you can see here: what is valid is the salary level of when you got the blue card, so in your case 52.000, meaning you can work through the 3 years on a 52000 salary. And then apply for a permanent residence. If what they are saying is correct then that leads me to think that your blue card was not valid anymore in 2019, which is not correct.   So I am not an immigration expert, just collecting information and helping you with this. Said that if I were you, with this corona virus situation, and the benefits of having a permanent residence vs a blue card, I would apply again right now, explaining more clearly the situation or even contacting a law expert to help you craft a letter to attach to the application.   Good luck!