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  1. My advice is, if you have the possibility is to move to a small city outside Berlin, some village. They  willl process your case way faster. A friend of mine, last year, took 4 months for it in Munich, while another colleague the previous year took 5 days in some village 50km from Munich...
  2. Hi, again, I'm not an expert but just helping here sharing my experience... Some people advice here to immediately report that you lost your job...leading to potential issues while getting the PR. You can "forget" to do it. Nowhere clearly says you have to. Take your chances. I would advise to move to a small village to speed up the process. I helped 2 friends with it, one living in Munich the PR process took 4 months. Another living in a nearly village was done in 5 days. Good luck!
  3. Hi, I totally agree that in many areas Germany haven't caught to the modern times, in my city we still have a shop that rents VHS's... Anyways, did you explore this? :   Or an umbrella company that does the billing for you and get's a share of your invoices:   Good luck!  
  4. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    They, like any scam, rely on volume. They just send thousands of letters...there is always people who get the letter and get all scared and pays without asking. As soon as you start googling and reading you realize it's all a scam and best is to bin the letter. Good luck!
  5. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Hi, maybe it is a coincidence, maybe not...anyways for my experience with those letters you can put them in the bin. Basically are "legal scams". Anybody can issue a "cease and desist" letter to a person he thinks is breaking a law. Ask him to stop doing that and ask for reimbursement of legal costs. You can go to a lawyer and tell him: hey my neighbor is making noises during the night, send him a cease and desist letter. The lawyer will do and ask him to pay for his fees.  So, there are lawyer that request traffic info from internet providers and send letters to people, and they ask them to cover the legal fees. Some people just get scared receiving the letter and pay.  Don't need to worry, they have nothing against you. Just forget about it and you will see they won't contact you again. Good luck!
  6. no idea any immigration expert will do, check in the closest big city any will be better than yourself alone...
  7. Googling I can see you can apply for citizenship living abroad, so maybe that is a way... Better find an expert, but of course you need to learn as much as possible to "help" the expert ;)
  8. Hi... not an expert, I am sure you are already discussing the matter with an expert, but I would say that anything you do should be done by an expert. You can go and ask and you will depend on the humor of the person at the immigrants office. They can be wrong, on purpose or make a mistake, and you will be affected. Have a lawyer to do it all for you, who can answer, challenge and knows how to deal with the system. Good luck!
  9. 90 day rule and Schengen border control

    well you don't ...there is no stamp so no way to check, initially. But let's say you get in trouble, with the police or some immigration issue and they decide to check where you've been: phone logs, gps location of your google account, payments of your credit cart, security cameras, log of online services you use, etc etc So proactively they don't check since it's not possible...but if they are in the need to check then there are ways to find out. Good luck! 
  10. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    well...some people, most of normal people I would say, don't want to suffer, so shortening a war is a way not to suffer most of the people feel empathy, don't want others they want the war to finish. then you have the sociopaths...;)
  11. Leoparden und Marder for Ukraine

    no more war, no more guys, to shorten the war the option is peace negotiation no violence Gandhi's movement to free India from English oppression is a good example here  
  12. Integration Course required to get Aufenthaltstitel?

    HI, I have found, dealing with the bureaucrats that sometimes they tend to create their own rules, so you need to help them... Just bring the this printed  or clarify beforehand on an email. As for the A1 you will need to pass the exam, lingoda won't be good for that, sign up at and get it, its easy...but for some reason as before you may also show up to your appointment and speak good German and they will process it without the certificate.  Good luck!
  13. Ahh ok I don't know how legit is this: but you may be interested, basically helps you claim your pension payments if you are leaving the country
  14. Landlord not returned deposit and ignoring messages

    Hi,  landlors see this as part of their income. 95% of them will find a way to keep it. You can try: