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  1. working as an employee and a freelancer at the same time

    Hi, not an expert here, just sharing ideas: - check with your new employer, usually the contract will not allow you to take another employment, just double check -next would be to check with a tax specialist, how to declare the second income from the consultancy job. I did something similar in the past, working full time I provided some trainings to some other company. I just invoiced them using an online service and the checked with an accountant how to declare that. Since wasn't much money was easy. Regarding health insurance and social security I see no problem, your employeer will pay for that...the freelance work on the side wont have anything to do with that, just pay the right amount of tax at the end of the year. Good luck!
  2. Last will and testament

    Some intro to the topic here:
  3. Higher rent because of home office?!!

    Well...there is a contract and he should respect it...if its not stated on the contract then there is nothing to claim. I can't see the future but I envision he making up some excuse when you leave to keep your kaution. Anyways, with that kind of people you can't have a healthy relationship...just start looking for a new place and leave.
  4. Last will and testament

    Hi all, last weekend talking with friends, Germans and non Germans but living here, we ended on this topic, last will and testament. Searching here I found a couple of ideas, but I would like to collect tips and ideas on good you have any?    
  5. hey, I found this: Spouses arriving in Germany must register their new address at the Einwohnermeldeamt (residents' registration office) and then apply in person for a temporary residence permit for spouses joining their partners. Once a residence permit has been granted, your spouse is immediately entitled to take up any kind of employment in Germany.   Did you already registered? maybe go again and ask there?
  6. Hi, not at expert..just sharing ideas and experiences here My undestanding is that they don't "actively" it is ok to travel around. I've heard of a case here when a guy was asked at the airport when coming back "when you left the country?" and he said: 8 months he got in trouble. Would have said: 2 months ago, he would be ok. The idea I understand is to settle into germany, not get the paper and go away to came back 5 years later. If you are working and paying taxes in germany should be ok.  
  7. Waldorf Frommer - fine for downloading taken to court? Please help

    basically what they do is this: there they say: In most cases, the law allows the party sending the letter to demand payment of legal costs associated with the sending of the letter... In practice, a lawyer may do this without having been hired by a client who has been wronged, in essence searching for violators of covered laws and demanding payment from them for having found them. Since the enormous proliferation of web sites, this abuse of the law has led to the so-called Abmahnwelle (-wave), as lawyers and copyright holders are trawling the internet searching for even minor and usually unintended violations of e.g. copyright law, with some law firms sending thousands of letters per year demanding payment.   Basically a scam. Bit that letter. Sorry for the million of people paying them.
  8. Waldorf Frommer - fine for downloading taken to court? Please help

    I don't remember the envelope. I have never downloaded anything. I barely use the computer if not for work. For what I remember, and what I did research back on those days this works like this: - any person can ask anybody else to "cease and desist" of something that is ilegal. ie: if I see you parking on a disabled parking spot I just sent you a letter asking to stop doing it and ask you to cover the costs. - so a couple of law firms are famous for getting a list of, basically, internet users and send them a letter full of leal bla bla asking to stop such behaviour. Doesn't matter if you did or not. - they ask you to pay for the costs of sending the letter - people get all scared, and even more if they actually downloaded something, and just pay It's, on my view a scam...I can do it too, as well as you.    
  9. Savings & Investments Germany

    well...I agree that a friendly platform, good communication and support and etc is important. Just saying that the return is affected by how they manage the found. So, this company as soon as corona started "rebalanced" my found to face that situation, lets say they did it on 1 March (just an example). As a consecuence the return was 8%. I received a communication saying that, saying: because of corona we are changing the composition of our portfolio to better face this situation, now will be bla bla bla While company X maybe didint do it, or did it 1 of April, reacting late and missing an opportunity. Then company x found had a return of only 5%. So this reflects how good they are managing the found. The composition of the found, for a given risk level, changes quite often...maybe every 2 months or so. So the car analogy is not quite right here...because they are investiment found and the portfolio composition changes between companies. That is what I meant.
  10. Life in Cottbus for a foreigner

    Hello Varanor, as I see it, grab the opportunity and go for it, don't let crime stop you. If something happends just go to the police, don't stay silent. Don't let those scumbags stop you. Good luck!
  11. Savings & Investments Germany

      I know...but also its their decision on what to buy. During corona times for sure they didnt buy airlines shares but switched to medical providers they affect the outcome. anyways just sharing my experience. also true that 8% last year could be 2% next
  12. Waldorf Frommer - fine for downloading taken to court? Please help

    I have received such letter. Not advising to do the same, just sharing my experience here... But after some research I found that they randomly send this letters to people. Its basically a scam. I put the letter on the bin and never heard of them again.  
  13. hahah its like back to the future...welcome to 1972! If I were you i'd look for a job in a more modern and 21 century company
  14. Savings & Investments Germany

    Hi,  I am using and I am quite happy with them. Basically they offer founds, so you choose one and you can deposit money automatically every month or manually when you want. My experience (1 year) so far: - decent return: 8% during last year ( 4th risk level out of 6, where 6 is the most risky) - have 6 different risk levels to choose from - but not easy to switch between fact you need to contact them and ask them to do it. Its not designed to switch. - not app to manage your founds, all is managed on their web portal - good customer service I hope it helps.
  15. fbar question non us citizen

    for the layman...for the multi million dollar millonaires there is no problems...