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  1. German tax for property sold overseas

    Hi, my feeling here, not being a tax expert, is that if you follow all rules you will loose lot of money. Try to get a mortgage here, rent your house there. As soon as you involve "experts" they make money and you loose...this is true in my experience with "normal" people like us, of course millionaires will sell property and move money with no problems. Good luck!
  2. Hi,  just an anecdote here, with one friend we were traveling from Austria to Germany and he has his blue card only, no passport. The police checked the bus and they said that the card without the passport is not good/valid. He was questioned where he lives and why traveling and was let go. Sadly I think that skin color, religion, country of origin, etc did play a role...I am sure things would have been different if that was different. Good luck!  
  3. Well seems clear she can perform her duties from home :)  
  4. Hi, no, I don't want to expose anybody to any negative consequence 1- even when the border was closed it was possible to travel with a good reason, so were closed not sealed. 2- the employer claims any damage compensation for missing a meeting ??? seriously? 3- if there is a 2nd wave I don't think they will call for any meeting, everybody will work from home   Good luck!  
  5. Hi, this seems to be the standard German HR approach, narrow minded, living in the 70's. Of course I am not a lawyer or expert, I will share my experience and the experience of my friends: - regarding the address registration you can register at your friends, hotel, etc. Some people/hotels are for some reason more uncomfortable with that.  - you don't really need to highlight you are staying there temporarily, as today you are living there, where will you be in 2 month you don't know, as far as they are concerned you will be living there. If circumstances change you update them, simple.  - I am myself registered on a hotel. - You can show up once a month into your friends flat, you could pay a small rent and leave some stuff. So far I haven't heard of any case/read on the news about the government checking if you are there or not.  -  don't worry about your HR, my guess is that they want to have you on reach just in case. Just tell them: I am staying here, but living on my friend's place outside the city, is not that close to the train station, so please if you need me on the office let me know a couple of days in advance. Then go to your country :) Good luck!
  6. bike and car accident

    Hello, I am not an expert/lawyer, however, I think it will be difficult for anybody to prove that she did it on you prove her intention? On the other hand she was driving a piece of metal that is 2 tones heavy...going out a car park fast...I would say she is responsible for any harm, she is driving the most "dangerous" vehicle. If you have insurance you will pay nothing...but I guess the insurance company will challenge her behavior?    
  7. Photography law while not photographing

    you don't know if the 10 customers will want to go to court to go do this nonsense, maybe they are reasonable people like most of us...also the police officers that went and checked that the camera was not pointing to the customers + not taking any picture. Besides that the court can order, if they want to waste time and money, to check all your memory cards to check if there are/or were any picture of the costumers, and they will say: no pictures found Also if the case is: customers are not visiting because of the camera, the judge will want to see some ex costumers saying that...   anyways I am just guessing, like the rest of us :)
  8. Anmeldung appointment hog-tied

    Hi, relax my friend, you get the appointment and do it when they let you, it is not your fault there are no appointments free in the next 2 weeks. Some people, even here on this forum, say that there is a big office of bureaucrats checking anmeldung dates and cross-checking and sending fines and visa cancelations to people who don't comply with this... I, with no more facts to prove than them, sustain that nobody actually cares and nothing happens if you do it late or never do. Of course you may need to to open a bank account on certain old fashion banks or something like that... Good luck!  
  9. Photography law while not photographing

    Hi, this reminds me to one situation (I have created a post asking for it) then a couple of crazy guys came aggressively to me because I was "videotaping" them while making a video call on the park...anyways. The "cease and desist" is basically something that any individual can do, nothing to do with the law or the government, as far as I understand. Of course, I am not a lawyer so take this with a pinch of salt. I can go to my lawyer and ask him to send a letter of Cease and desist to you asking to stop Xyz and ask for some money to cover the costs of said letter. You can safely put the letter in the bin and forget about it. It is basically this: It is quite common on torrent downloading, there are law firms that only do that...I have a couple of friends that received those letters and they just put it into the bin. Good luck!
  10. you need to take into account that after 6 months outside Germany your permanent residence is cancelled, so you may don't want to risk that. how they control that ? i have no idea :P
  11. Permanent residence permit (Blue Card)

     Hi Boris, me not being an expert or professional on this field I can tell you that according to my experience: 1. What is a start date of 21 month period - the start date of my first contract or Blue Card issue date ? the start date is the issue date printed on the card/passport sticker 2. Should those 21 month be consequtive? I am worrying because I missed almost a month in the middle. it is 21 since the date printed on the card, doesn't matter you been unemployed for 18 days 3. Do I have to be currently employed when I apply for permanent residence permit? As I said, ideally I want to quit the job, prepare for B1 exam and apply. I would strongly advise you to keep the job while applying. I have seen applications being delayed because people don't have a job...which makes sense since a requirement is the ability to maintain yourself. So keep your job. 4. After I receive permanent residence permit, can I immediately quit the job or this may cause permanent residence permit cancellation. after getting the permit you can do whatever you want :)
  12. "Anmeldung" possible with permanent accommodation?

    Yes, that is what I did At least in my case the owner of the flat refused to fill in the form. I just printed the airbnb receipt and went to the office explaining I live there and the owner is refusing to fill in the form. They were ok with it. Good luck!
  13. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    My friend, I am going nowhere, I am just sharing my opinion. I am telling you, there is no official or informal evidence that they are checking that, that is all I am saying.  
  14. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    I guess the true is that nobody knows. I haven't seen on the news anything related to people losing their visas because of this, neither read on forums or heard from friends about this...that is why I said I guess is not really inforced/checked.  Again, I guess, it is ok to go out for say 5 months and came back rent a place, live there for a couple of months and then go back...but again just guessing based on what I know :)
  15. Does deregistering burn my free to work visa?

    ok, if my opinion is based on a false assumption, can she or you prove it? I guess no.  I did google and found nothing, but you know, I am a moron... Have a nice day :)