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  1. Hey everyone,   I am an undergrad student graduating next year with Bachelor of Education (Biology, Chemistry). I want to teach in Germany but most of the info online is for International English teachers only.   Which is why I want to ask if anyone know the requirements for being an International Science teacher?    The questions I have are 1) Would my degree be recognised in Germany? I study in Hong Kong.  2) What's the requirement for experience? Or if there's case of them accepting fresh graduates? 3) How easy or difficult is it to be an international science teacher there, in terms of being accepted? My degree is for high school. 4) Would I have to do any courses to be eligible to teach there? My degree provides PDGE (Post graduate diploma in Education) 5) I assume international school is my only option due to language barrier.    Any other info is also highly appreciated. Thank you in Advance!