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  1. Hello everyone,


    I have been living in Germany since 2020 as a freelancer and I am not currently paying into the german system. I didn't realize that I could get the D/USA 101 A form and be exempt from paying self employment taxes to the US. Does anyone know if its possible to get the form dating back to when i moved here and get a refund on the self employment taxes I've paid for 2020 and 2021? 




  2. Hello,


    I am in the process of getting my residence permit. However, I have a vehicle that is still registered with USAREUR. What are the steps and what do I need to do to transfer the car into the German System?


    Also, my father, who is GS, is on my vehicle registration because his name is also on the title. Will that be an issue for me when registering it in the German system or can I only register it under my name?