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  1. As my contract coming to an end, I started my cancellation procedure today as follows: As I cannot find the contract termination on my provider's website ( using the help of where I also initiated my contract with Montana, I created a 'cancellation letter' and sent this mail to the Montana's e-mail address provided by ( , yes, not montanaenergy, but this was what is provided by check24). Received an auto-reply that they have received my mail, and would reply back sometime. Here are my dates for my contract, just to assure that I have terminating my contract before it is extended for another year: 03/15/2020 End of the notice period 04/15/2020 End of contract   However, I cannot confirm how my last meter reading would be done. Some sources say that I need to read the meter at the last day of the contract and inform the supplier (Montana, in this case). Some other sources say that this is automatic, another responsible body for the meters would read my meter and inform Montana. Which one is the actual case? Does anybody use Montana for electricity before? What are your experiences?