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  1. British mum Munich dad

    Hahah nice try.  i actually live next to you.  Look up you will see me . 
  2. British mum Munich dad

    Have you forgotten  you are british in Deutschland.  Look at mirror now and get a grip. 
  3. British mum Munich dad

    Because he is hard to reach I am taking it a sign from god : leave it for now 
  4. British mum Munich dad

    Last time I met him he was blowing money on drug and girls ... I am scared of such daddy figure be honest !!! I am scared german take my child away !!! I don’t know him well after all !  will you let a stranger fly here take away your child for 2 days away . 
  5. British mum Munich dad

    I just realised my child”S dad is This guy from Munich .( was seeing 2 guys one by one with 4 days gap . Got pregnant after 1st man and 2nd one starting - so was never sure which one is the dad )    I am a single mum.  And my daughters birth certificate is blank under “ father “.  We now live in Uk happily.    I tried to contact the Munich man recently but it is hard to reach him . I know him but not well . people grow and change all the time .  I wonder whether I should just carry on with our lives . And tell my daughter when she is 18.