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  1. Krankengeld and moving to another city

    Hi there, I would like some help.. I am sick for serious mental reasons  and I am receiving Krankengeld. Where I am now is very depressing and my doctor advised me to leave for a little while and go somewhere else as it would help me. So, I am thinking of moving from where I am now to another city just to try myself and see how it goes...  * I will have to leave the room a rent cause I cannot afford paying two rooms! My question is, since I am still employed, is it ok and "legal" to move to another state, change address (Anmeldung) and still be entilted for Krankengeld? If the city is in another state within Germany, I should infom Teckniker?   Many thanks in advace Kathy
  2. Quit job while on sick leave

  3. Quit job while on sick leave

  4. Quit job while on sick leave

    I am sorry to disappoint you but not all management teams suck. In addition, criticising others radomly without knowing the facts is at least immature. And for your information abusive behaviour does not only refer to sexual hassasment.
  5. Quit job while on sick leave

    Hi there, I am having really bad time at work because of the team leader and the management team and I woukd like to quit. I am currently on a sick leave because I am ill and I would like to ask if I can quit while on sick leave or it is not acceptable according to the laq.  The company has a 4 weeks notice period.    Many thanks in advance Kat